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Green Mountain. He braked sharply, flew over the steering wheel and ran into the car

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In Zielona Góra, at the PCK roundabout, a cyclist driving along a bicycle path had to stop suddenly to avoid a collision with a fast approaching car. The maneuver ended badly, the man was hospitalized with a broken pelvis.

The accident happened on a Sunday evening. – The driver of the passenger skoda, when leaving the PCK roundabout into Dąbrówki Street, did not notice a cyclist coming from the city center on the road for bicycles – explains Małgorzata Barska from the City Police Headquarters in Zielona Góra.

The entire event was recorded by surveillance cameras. The video shows a cyclist in an orange sweatshirt approaching the crossing for bicycles. When he saw a car approaching at high speed, he braked sharply. Unfortunately, this maneuver did not end well for him – the bike tumbled and the cyclist flew over the steering wheel and fell directly under the oncoming car.


He broke his pelvis

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– The cyclist was taken to the hospital, where he was diagnosed with a pelvic fracture – informs Barska.

The man driving the car was sober. An investigation is under way in the case of this road accident at the Zielona Góra headquarters.

Especially now, during the holiday season, we should pay special attention to children and young people walking on the streets, bicycles or scooters very popular recently. Watch out for other road users and be careful around pedestrian crossings and bicycle crossings. DRIVER – give way to a cyclist on a bicycle crossing. CYCLING – before entering the crossing for bicycles, make sure that the driver of the car has noticed you and has time to stop the vehicle.

Main photo source: KMP Zielona Góra

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