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Green Mountain. He hit a three-year-old child and ran away. He came to the police station with a lawyer

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Since the beginning of June, police officers from Zielona Góra have been looking for a driver who hit a three-year-old child and drove away. The man came to the police station with a lawyer and gave an explanation. The 24-year-old was charged with several charges, but will not be held accountable for escaping from the scene, which, according to the police, did not occur. The case will go to court.

The driver who hit a three-year-old child on Pod Topolami Street in the center of Zielona Góra on June 7 came to the police station himself with a lawyer. Subinspector Małgorzata Barska, spokeswoman for the police in Zielona Góra, said that the 24-year-old was interrogated and gave explanations. – The man will be held responsible for causing a collision on a public road, because the incident occurred on the access road to the shopping center – she added.

However, the man will not be held responsible for escaping from the scene of the incident. – We talk about fleeing the scene when an accident occurs. The 24-year-old hitting the child was classified as a collision due to the fact that the child was not injured, said Sub-Inspector Barska.

The policewoman explained that the driver stopped, asked the child's guardian if everything was OK and then drove away. – Although he did not wait for the police, it was concluded that there was no escape – she added.

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Charges for hit-and-run, speeding and driving without a license

However, the man was charged with three charges in other cases that occurred last year. They concern another pedestrian hit on Bohaterów Street Westerplatte in Zielona Góra and speeding and failure to stop for police signals. – Criminal proceedings are also underway against a 24-year-old for driving without a license – added the policewoman.

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The three-year-old was hit on Friday, June 7, on Pod Topolami Street in the center of Zielona Góra. The driver of a dark Volvo hit them and fled the scene. An ambulance arrived at the scene. The child was taken to hospital. Fortunately, despite the dangerous-looking incident, there were no serious injuries.

A recording from the scene of the incident has been secured. Thanks to this, the police knew the registration number of the perpetrator's car. The first to be detained was a 22-year-old passenger in the Volvo. The driver hid for a long time.

Main photo source: TVN24

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