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Green Mountain. He missed one driver and collided with another. Recording

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Dangerous maneuver in Zielona Góra. The driver wanted to quickly join the traffic and decided to avoid the car in front of him. He still managed to do this. He did not avoid a collision with the other car.

As a warning, the Zielona Góra police published a recording of Thursday's collision. An off-duty policeman witnessed the dangerous maneuver and collision on Odrzańska Street. – The man driving the Peugeot, trying to join traffic from the minor road, passed the vehicle in front of him and entered the road with the right-of-way. Here he caused a collision with the driver of a Volvo that was driving correctly – reports the sub-inspector. Małgorzata Stanisławska, spokeswoman for the Zielona Góra police.

The policeman got out of the car, ran to the perpetrator of the collision and took his keys. A patrol of officers from the road traffic department arrived at the scene.

The incident was witnessed by an off-duty policemanKMP Zielona Góra

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Not alcohol, but rush

The policeman who stopped the driver right after the incident suspected that the man might have been under the influence of alcohol. The breathalyzer test did not confirm these suspicions. The driver was sober, but in a hurry.

– In this case, the saying that haste is a bad advisor proved true. The 39-year-old driver of the Peugeot was fined PLN 1,500 and received an additional 10 penalty points, the spokeswoman said.

Fortunately, no one was injured this time. The police appeal for extreme caution, especially when entering traffic. – Let's be especially careful at road intersections and pedestrian crossing areas. Let's take our foot off the gas pedal and remember to adjust our speed to the traffic intensity, especially during rush hours, let's not try to overtake other cars at all costs, because through sudden maneuvers we create a danger to ourselves and others – says Stanisławka.

Main photo source: KMP Zielona Góra

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