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Green Mountain. He ran away from the police, against the current and along the promenade. He was carrying the stolen loot a moment earlier

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The man was escaping from the officers, first along the expressway number 3, and then along the streets of Zielona Góra (Lubuskie Voivodeship). According to the police, he ran against the current at roundabouts and intersections, did not give way, overtook at pedestrian crossings and entered a promenade where people were walking. It turned out that he was carrying the previously stolen wires from the railway line. A week earlier, he was arrested in the course of a similar theft. Now he has been arrested.

On Tuesday morning, policemen from Sulechów (Lubuskie Province) noticed a 41-year-old who was driving a Volkswagen. – The man was often tipped for various thefts. The officers decided to stop him for inspection because they noticed that the car he was driving was heavily loaded, most likely with an overload – reports Małgorzata Stanisławska from the police in Zielona Góra. The driver, however, had no intention of stopping. He sped up and began to run away. The policemen chased him.

He was going against the current, he did not give way, he overtook at crossings, he entered the promenade

The man ignored the light and sound signals to a stop. He started to run away at high speed along the expressway number 3 towards Zielona Góra. When he reached the city, he ran against the current, causing a collision with another vehicle and an unmarked police car – describes Stanisławska. More police cars joined the chase, but the driver kept running away. – He posed a threat to other road users and committed numerous offenses, including driving against the current at roundabouts, streets and intersections, not giving way to right of way, overtaking at pedestrian crossings and intersections, as well as ignoring road signs and entering the Zielona Góra promenade – he enumerates policewoman.

He escaped from the police, among other things, along the promenade where people were stayingLubuskie Police

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Police: he was running away because he was carrying a stolen railway track

Eventually, the 41-year-old drove into a closed area with no exit route. The man was arrested. In his car – as Stanisławska relates – more than half a kilometer of wire from the railway traction was found. – He managed to steal it just before trying to arrest it. The value of the loot was estimated at almost PLN 20,000. A week earlier, the same 41-year-old was arrested along with two other men in the act of stealing an overhead line, a spokeswoman said.

The driver was charged with failure to stop for inspection and theft of the railway traction. He faces up to five years in prison. By court decision, the man was arrested for three months.

Main photo source: Lubuskie Police

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