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Green Mountain. PLN 78,500 fine for illegal election posters by Łukasz Mejza

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One night, over a thousand illegal election posters of MP Łukasz Mejza, running on the PiS list, appeared on the streets of Zielona Góra. All three days before the parliamentary elections. Three months after the incident, the city mayor announced the consequences. The politician will have to pay a high fine.

About the penalty for hanging illegal election posters in Zielona Góra for PiS MP Łukasz Mejza was informed by the mayor of this city on Thursday evening.

“Do you remember on the night of October 11-12, when election posters littered a large part of the city. I said that there was no consent to this and there would be no tolerance for such scandalous excesses. Everything was taken down and counted, a decision on the fine was made, it amounts to over PLN 78,500 PLN. This decision is already final,” he wrote.

City services removed a total of 1,187 advertisements of the controversial politician. “I hope this is the last unpleasant situation of this type in Zielona Góra. As I said from the beginning, there is no tolerance for such actions in our city,” Kubicki emphasized, adding: “each of us must take responsibility for our actions.”

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The president of Zielona Góra also referred to comments recalling that he himself cooperated with Łukasz Mejza. As Gazeta Wyborcza wrote, Mejzy Future Wolves provided consulting services to Kubicki. Both politicians appeared together at conferences many times

“I never said that I didn’t know this man. Yes, I know him, I helped him and supported him. But… but I will ask you one question, simple and easy: ‘Has no one ever let you down in your life?’ …” wrote Kubicki.

Night postering of the city

It all started on the night of October 11-12, i.e. two days before the election silence scheduled for October 15. elections parliamentary.

“We received a report that on that night Mejza’s people hung the center of Zielona Góra on road barriers separating pedestrian and car traffic” – the fanpage of Civil Society – Zielona Góra reported on October 12, 2023 in the morning, adding photos of illegal election posters of Łukasz Mejza, running from the Law and Justice list. Justice.

Posters were hung in various parts of the city.

“He would do better if he spent the money on the treatment of children”

A little over an hour later, the president of Zielona Góra informed about the problem. “It’s over, damn it, what’s happening is… I’m at a loss for words (and I don’t want to swear). Tonight in Zielona Góra, without ANY CONSENT, ILLEGALLY, WITHOUT RESPECT FOR THE LAW, election advertisements for one candidate were posted. This is the one from ‘treating children’ – Łukasz Mejza, he would do better if he spent the money on treating children, not on banners,” Kubicki wrote.

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As he added, “someone who does not respect urban space also does not respect its residents.” At the same time, he appealed for information about where the posters were hanging. “There is no consent to littering the city, ZERO TOLERANCE for such activities. It must disappear!!! Share this post and write where it is still hanging!!!” – added.

“They were destroying the estate”, “he drove across the road, or rather over the railings”

Comments from Internet users poured out under his post, pointing to subsequent locations: “They were destroying the estate”, “Unions – on every barrier and poles”, “Around the transfer center – a poster every meter, the pressure in the morning was raised to the limit.”

Łukasz Mejza’s posters on the streets of Zielona Góra12/10Michał Kwiatkowski

It was pointed out that these were not only aesthetic and legal issues, but also that illegal posters pose a danger to drivers and pedestrians. “Huge banners placed near the Church of the Holy Spirit cover pedestrians entering the crossings!!!! Does anyone think when they put this up? Soon there will be accidents, because you can’t really see anything. Pedestrians emerge from behind the banner at the last moment, because it is the crossing itself, not to mention the cyclists. Elections are elections, but let these politicians have at least a drop of oil in their heads! – you could read in one of the comments.

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The comments also pointed out that Zielona Góra is not an isolated case. Krosno Odrzańskie, Gubin, Drzonków, Sulechów, Łężyca and Lubsko also had to fight against the flood of candidate posters.

Senator Wadim Tyszkiewicz was already paying attention to the costs. “This is something extraordinary. This has probably never happened in the history of Poland. Today, Mejza attacked on a huge scale on all fronts. These are thousands and thousands of banners (one PLN 50 x minimum PLN 5,000 = PLN 250,000 with a campaign limit of approximately PLN 4,000) , everywhere. The scale is unimaginable,” he wrote.

Clearing the city of posters

On October 12, in the morning, city services removed illegal banners.

The materials were also removed by social activists who took Łukasz Mejza’s banners and went to Marek Ast’s parliamentary office. There they met the candidate for MP Grzegorz Maćkowiak, to whom, despite his protests, they left them. He called the police, who took down the activists and considered the case closed.

They collect illegal posters of Łukasz Mejza in Zielona Góra

They collect illegal posters of Łukasz Mejza in Zielona GóraTVN24

MP Łukasz Mejza did not answer our editorial office’s questions regarding this situation.

Who is Łukasz Mejza?

Łukasz Mejza is 32 years old and comes from Zielona Góra. On page Sejm he is presented as an unaffiliated MP representing constituency number 8 in Zielona Góra. He graduated from the WSB University in Poznań – Faculty of Finance and Banking. Before starting his career in politics, he was an entrepreneur – his previous business activities were widely covered by the media. He has been a member of the Sejm since March 16, 2021, when he took the oath. He took over the mandate after the death of Jolanta Fedak, an MP from the Polish People’s Party.

Although he entered parliament from the lists PSL, he did not join the People’s Party parliamentary club. He became involved with the ruling camp. At the end of October 2021, he was appointed Secretary of State at the Ministry of Sport and Tourism. He belonged to the Republican Party Adam Bielanywhich last December united with PiS.

He won the last seat in Lubuskie Province

He was re-elected in October. In constituency no. 8 (covering the Lubuskie Voivodeship), the politician obtained the fourth result on the PiS list, although he was only eleventh. He received 10,162 votes, which made him the last candidate. He overtook, among others, long-time PiS MP Elżbieta Płonka, who received 880 votes less.

In constituency no. 8 (covering the Lubuskie Voivodeship), the politician obtained the fourth result on the PiS list, although he was only eleventh. He received 10,162 votes, which made him the last candidate. He overtook, among others, long-time PiS MP Elżbieta Płonka, who received 880 votes less.

As reported by Wirtualna Polska, he won it in a dirty fight – he was actively supported by a network of social media accounts during the election campaign. The profiles were created under false identities, the photos came from the Internet, and most were generated by artificial intelligence – Wirtualna Polska found. As reported, a photograph of a woman suffering from acute myeloid leukemia was even used.

In December, the District Prosecutor’s Office in Zielona Góra initiated an investigation into irregularities in the declaration of assets of MP Mejza. The parliamentarian did not include information about the value of PLN 500,000. PLN for the apartment.

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Łukasz Mejza and publications about his company

However, the most famous thing about Łukasz Mejza was over two years ago. In November 2021, the Wirtualna Polska portal wrote about his company. The portal’s findings showed that it promised treatment dying of cancer and multiple sclerosis, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s and other incurable diseases. WITH publications it also showed that he was to personally convince the parents of sick children that his company’s therapy would cure them. Meanwhile, the method had no medical confirmation. TVN24 reporter he talked to his family after the publication, who was promised help. They were supposed to fly to Mexico to treat their six-year-old daughter with cystic fibrosis. It was only during the fundraiser that one of the associations noticed that “something was wrong.”

Łukasz Mejza referred to the media reports first in a statement and then at a press conference, claiming that we were dealing with “the biggest political attack after ’89.” He announced legal action. While press conference he explained, among other things: “Actually, we did not start this activity. We did not take a penny from anyone.” The conference was attended by Tomasz Guzowski, who – as Wirtualna Polska wrote – founded the Vinci NeoClinic company together with Mejza. As he said, he suffers from an incurable genetic disease and he underwent therapy, which – as he assured – brought results. During the conference, Guzowski, who arrived in a wheelchair, stood up at one point.

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Łukasz Mejza and Tomasz Guzowski TVN24

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On December 23, 2021, “with a sense of responsibility for Poland and the United Right camp”, Mejza announced the “voluntary” resigning. “I am leaving on my terms, with my head held high,” he assured in a statement. The day before, the head of the PiS club Ryszard Terlecki announced that “Mejzy will certainly no longer be in the government.”

Main photo source: Janusz Kubicki

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