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Green Mountain. She caught killers, tracked fugitives. Lara, the Police Belgian Shepherd Dog, says goodbye to the servants

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Lara, a patrol-tracking dog – serving at the Municipal Police Headquarters in Zielona Góra (Lubuskie Voivodeship) – has retired. Lara’s list of merits is long. A dog officer in the first months of work in the police tracked down a suspect in the murder, then helped to catch other criminals, as well as, inter alia, find the missing 13-year-old girl.

Lara is a Belgian Shepherd from a very well-known and successful breeding farm. The younger aspirant, Marcin Siekanowicz, Lara – for joint work – was drawn in 2017 during a training in Sułkowice, where the Police Kynology Department is located. He himself has been in the police force for six years. And from the very beginning he wanted to become a dog handler.

The policeman’s son trained her

The beginnings of their joint ministry, however, were not easy. Later friendship began with the bite of the guardian – lively Lara wanted to dominate “her man” in this way. It failed. Marcin Siekanowicz quickly dealt with the unruly puppy. Effect? The bitch completed her training with honors.

Puppy Lara before it hit the ranks of the policeLubuskie Police

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Later she moved in with the guide and his relatives. She fell in love with the new family, especially the policeman’s son, for whom she was the best playmate and guardian. The whole Siekanowicz family trained Lara during the games. – The best fun was hiding the boy and searching for him by Lara or hiding his toy and finding it by the dog – says Deputy Inspector Małgorzata Barska from the Municipal Police Headquarters in Zielona Góra.

She caught the killer, helped find the boy’s body

Lara showed exceptional tracking abilities from the very beginning. Already in the first months of her work in the police, she tracked down a suspect in the murder of two people in the vicinity of Lubsko and a missing inhabitant of Zielona Góra.

In the following years, she achieved many other successes. – One of the most spectacular were tracing the rape in a vacant building in Zielona Góra in 2018, finding a missing 13-year-old girl in Zielona Góra in 2019, tracking down a suspect in the murder and finding a can with traces of the perpetrator’s DNA in Witoszyn in 2020, Whether the finding – after six hours – of the tracking in the swamps around Krępa, is the one wanted by policemen from the Central Police Investigation Bureau – lists Barska.

Lara on dutyKMP Zielona Góra

During this year’s search two missing boys from Ledno, Lara led the older one from the sweatshirt to the Odra River to where it was later his body was found.

He escaped over the roofs, she knocked him to the ground

Lara also helped with the arrests of criminals themselves. Two years ago, she was involved in the arrest of a barricaded cutthroat suspected of attempted murder.

In 2020, she defended her guide when he was attacked by five thieves in one of the patrolled basements. – Three men were detained on the spot thanks to Lara’s efficiency – emphasizes Barska.

This year, when a man suspected of car theft was escaping over the roofs of farm buildings, it was Lara who captured him. – She jumped up, knocked him off the roof and caught him on the ground, enabling the policemen to detain the man – explains Barska.

During the four years of service at the Municipal Police Headquarters in Zielona Góra, Lara was used for tracking more than 70 times. In addition to tracking down the wanted and missing, she also found places of events and evidence in cases.

He’ll be on medication for the rest of his life

As the policewoman emphasizes, Lara never lacked courage.

– In 2020, chasing after thieves, she fell from the empty floor to the basement and pierced her paw. This year, in May, both Lara and – unfortunately very seriously – her guide were injured during the prosecution of the suspect. After a short circuit with the detainee, the bitch had back problems, while her guide fell into a hole in the ground during the run and damaged her knee – lists Barska.

And it was the last injury that led to Lara’s retirement. It turned out that her back problems were very serious. “Like many sheepdogs, she suffers from spondylosis and will have to take medication for the rest of her life,” explains Barska.

Lara retired in early SeptemberKMP Zielona Góra

In retirement, he watches “Paw Patrol”

Lara retired from service in early September. – He lives now with his beloved guide, and when Marcin Siekanowicz goes on duty, he raises his surprised eyes at him, silently asking “why am I not going?” – Barska laughs.

He doesn’t get bored at home. He constantly needs fun and attention. She hides her master’s shoes and is glad when he looks for them. And when his wife works in the garden – he takes her tools. – Lara also likes to watch cartoons with the guide’s five-year-old son, especially “Paw Patrol”. When he hears the music from the movie, he immediately sits down in front of the TV set – says the policewoman.

When he hears the music from “PAW Patrol” he immediately sits down in front of the TVKMP Zielona Góra

Lara’s greatest delicacy is sausages, but she can’t get them too often.

After retirement, the bitch is still vigilant. He guards the house and does not allow strangers to enter the property. – We wish Lara, her guide and the whole family of Marcin Siekanowicz many happy years together – concludes Barska.

She was trained through play KMP Zielona Góra

Main photo source: KMP Zielona Góra

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