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Green Mountain. The driver did not yield to the right and hit a 16-year-old cyclist. Record from city surveillance cameras

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Hitting a cyclist in Zielona Góra (Lubuskie). The 16-year-old was driving through the Jana Pawła II roundabout when the driver of the car caught on her bicycle. The girl fell on the road. Everything was recorded by the city monitoring cameras. – The driver did not give way – says a spokeswoman for the Zielona Góra police.

The accident happened on Monday. The recording provided by the police in Lubuskie shows how the cyclist is confidently passing the first of the three crossings in front of her. As it approaches the other, it slows down a bit. At this point, a truck with a trailer appears in the frame and blocks the view. As it passes, you can see a white Volkswagen that has just passed the lanes, followed by a figure falling with the bicycle to the ground. The victim rises up in a second and approaches the car, which has stopped a few meters away, before entering the roundabout.

The driver hit the bike and the teenager fell to the ground with itLubuskie Police


There are up to three years in prison for causing the accident

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– The driver of a passenger Volkswagen did not give way to a cyclist who was on a crossing for bicycles and ran over her, as a result of which the injured limb was injured. He has a broken bone in his foot – reports sub-inspector Małgorzata Stanisławska, a spokeswoman for the police from Zielona Góra.

The uniformed activities are still ongoing, the driver has not heard the charges yet. He may face up to three years in prison for causing an accident.

– We should remember that pedestrians and cyclists are exposed to much more serious consequences during a road incident than car drivers. Accidents can be fatal, result in a disability or loss of life. Let us pay special attention to children and young people walking on the streets, especially during the holiday season – he appeals.

The accident took place at the John Paul II roundabout

Main photo source: Lubuskie Police

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