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Green Mountain. The man fell off the roof. The policewomen helped

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Traffic policewomen from Zielona Góra (Lubuskie Voivodeship) were just starting a break in their service when a man asked them for help, informing them that his friend had fallen off the roof and urgently needed to see a doctor, and there was no free ambulance in the hospital. The officers made transportation easier.

As Deputy Inspector Małgorzata Stanisławska from the City Police Headquarters in Zielona Góra told us, two officers of the road traffic department – sergeant Daria Kramska and senior constable Wiktoria Zasimuk – have recently had an unusual intervention.

The policewomen reported that they were starting their break

– The policewomen from Zielona Góra had planned activities in Nowogród Bobrzański, where they took care of the safety of the inhabitants, controlling, among other things, the speed (vehicles) and the sobriety of the drivers. After a few hours of action, they reported to the duty officer that they were starting a break for their duty and stopped at a gas station – says the Chief Inspector. Stanisławska.

Sergeant Daria Kramska and senior constable Wiktoria ZasimukKMP in Zielona Góra

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Then the nervous Mercedes driver turned to the policewomen and asked them for help and a pilot to the hospital in Zielona Góra. He told officers that his colleague had just fallen off the roof and needed immediate help. It was obvious at first glance that he was seriously injured, he had an open fracture of his arm. – Unfortunately, at the moment there was no free ambulance in the hospital, and the men, not wanting to wait, decided to go to the doctor themselves immediately – says the inspector. Stanisławska.


The policewomen made transport to the hospital easier

Without hesitating, the policewomen decided to help the men. With light and sound signals turned on, it took several minutes to reach the emergency department of the hospital. Doctors took care of the injured.

Main photo source: KMP in Zielona Góra

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