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Green Mountain. Vaccinations in Schools – Competition for the class with the highest vaccination rate

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Monetary prizes for vaccinations – this is the idea of ​​a high school in Zielona Góra to encourage students to take the COVID-19 vaccine. The competition will last until the end of September. The class with the highest vaccination rate will receive five thousand zlotys.

The headmaster of Secondary School No. 3 in Zielona Góra and the parents’ council have an idea on how to encourage students to vaccinate against COVID-19. This is a competition where the class with the highest vaccination rate wins. – We are concerned with the safety of our students, their families and the entire high school community – says Zbigniew Kościk, director of the 3rd High School in Zielona Góra, on TVN24.


The rewards are to be financial. There are 24 classes in the school. The winner will receive five thousand zlotys. The next two classes can also count on prizes. They will get three and two thousand zlotys respectively. – I do not hide that I would like all 24 classes to have one hundred percent vaccinations and that I would be able to pay out a total of 120,000 zlotys in prizes. The pocket would probably hurt me, but the goal is glorious – says Kościk.

As an added incentive, there are no guidelines as to what students will be able to spend the funds on. – Classes can spend money on their own needs. It can be going to the cinema, trips, shared pizza. As agreed by the parents’ council, we will not interfere in this matter – adds the director.

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The competition will last until the end of September, but, according to the head of the facility, the statistics of vaccinated students are not too bad yet. There is a class where 22 out of 30 students are vaccinated.

A vaccination campaign is also planned for 9 September at the school, which will be available to students, their families and friends. – The action will be carried out in accordance with the procedures of the Ministry of Health, which will require parental consent and procedures for equipping those places where the entire vaccination process will take place – explains the director.

They don’t want a lockdown again

Why is management so anxious to have as many people as possible from the entire community vaccinated? As Kościk says, the most important are safety considerations, but not only. – Our entire community does not want to fall into distance learning modes anymore. As a school, we paid a huge price. Matura exam results are the worst in 15 years. And it’s not because we’ve worked badly. There is no such thing as one that would teach mathematics, chemistry, biology and physics so effectively over the Internet. Certain issues have to be worked on in school conditions. That is why we want to secure the school against such a lockdown perspective – says Kościk.

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