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Green Warsaw. Concrete is replaced with plants

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Almost 39,000 square meters – this is how much concrete was removed in Warsaw last year and replaced with vegetation. Concrete is disappearing from city yards, parks and ponds.

– Less concrete, more greenery – this is the capital that the inhabitants want. The same motto also guides us in planning urban space. In 2022 alone, we removed almost 39,000 square meters of concrete. That’s more than five football fields. This is certainly not our last word – says Rafał Trzaskowski, Mayor of Warsaw, quoted in the communiqué of the capital city hall.

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Less concrete in yards

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City yards are undergoing a major metamorphosis. Concrete was removed last year. from backyards at Anielewicza, Ciasna, Kredytowa and Niska streets. In July this year, work began on ul. Bonifraterska, and last week at ul. Lewartowski. Plans for this year also include the removal of hardened surfaces in the yards at al. Solidarności and the streets: Orla, Nalewki and Wilcza. In 2023, Śródmieście plans to unconcrete a total of about five thousand square meters.

And in parks

The Zieleni Warszawy Board (ZZW) is paving around 900 square meters this year, mainly as part of the implementation of projects from the participatory budget. There will be new green at the following streets: Żeromskiego, Chełmska, Jagiellońska, Świętokrzyska and at several intersections in Muranów. The yard at ul. Siewierska in Ochota and bowls of trees in Jacek Kaczmarski Square.

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The modernization of the Pole Mokotowskie park is to be completed this year. One of the elements of this investment was the renaturalization of water reservoirs, i.e. the removal of concrete from them. In total, about 15,000 square meters of hardened surface have already disappeared there.

Over 2.6 thousand square meters of concrete were also removed during the renovation of the eastern rosette of the Piaseczyński Canal. Currently, most of this area is a biologically active area. The work was carried out as part of an EU project that aims to protect endangered species associated with water habitats in the capital.

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“Burza” Action Park under the Warsaw Uprising Mound in WarsawPAP/Andrzej Lange

600,000 new trees

– Green areas – forests, parks, squares and green areas – already occupy almost 40 percent of the capital’s area. That’s a lot, but we want more. That is why we are increasing the area of ​​Warsaw’s forests and gradually greening the city. Over the last five years, we have planted over 600,000 trees in Warsaw,” emphasizes Rafał Trzaskowski.

Green 500+ in the capital

In this year’s, tenth edition of the participatory budget, residents of Warsaw decided that over PLN 50 million will be allocated to greenery in the city, e.g. new trees and shrubs. The city-wide project of 500+ trees for Warsaw gained the greatest support of voters, for which 27.5 thousand people voted.

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Capital trees earn at least PLN 170 million a year

Capital trees earn at least PLN 170 million a yearCity Hall

Main photo source: Warsaw City Hall

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