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Grill. How much does sausage, bread, beer, juice, mustard, ketchup cost – price comparison

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In 2016, organizing a modest barbecue cost PLN 33.70, and in 2023 it will cost PLN 55.80. This is an increase of 65 percent – according to data from the DlaHandlu portal. Mateusz Walczak decided to check how the prices of basic barbecue products have changed. Some of them even increased by half.

One of Poles’ favorite weekend pastimes is barbecuing. Warm weather favors meetings outdoors and preparing delicacies together. The most popular products that you need to buy include: sausage, bread, mustard, ketchup and drinks. In “Day Live”, Mateusz Walczak decided to calculate how much you have to spend on such an event and by how much these expenses increased.


According to data from the DlaHandlu website, over the years Poles have paid from PLN 15 to a maximum of PLN 18 for Podwawelska sausage. Currently, the price has increased to almost PLN 30.

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Sausage price 2009-2023For Trade


In turn, since 2009 we have been paying from PLN 3 to PLN 3.5 for wheat bread. It was noticed that prices started to change in 2018 and 2019. In 2023, we pay PLN 7 for bread.

Bread price 2009-2023For Trade

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Barbecue accessories

According to DlaHandlu’s analyses, ketchup has cost PLN 4 for over a decade since 2009. Currently, we pay an average of PLN 7 for it.

Ketchup price 2009-2023For Trade

The price of mustard in 2009 was PLN 2 and PLN 2.5. Today we buy it for PLN 4.

Mustard price 2009-2023 For Trade

How have the prices of barbecue products increased?TVN24 BiS

Until 2016, we paid PLN 4 for a carton of orange juice. Currently, the average price of this product is PLN 5.5.

Price of orange juice 2009-2023For Trade

In turn, the price of beer has fluctuated between PLN 3 and PLN 3.5 over the years. Today it is around PLN 5.

Beer price 2009 -2023 For Trade

The grill is 65 percent more expensive

DlaHandlu’s reports show that in 2016, organizing a modest barbecue meeting cost PLN 33.70, and in 2023 it will be PLN 55.80. This is an increase of 65 percent.

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