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Grodzisk Mazowiecki. She lost PLN 50,000 because she listened to a woman claiming to be a bank employee

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A resident of Grodzisk Mazowiecki received a call from a woman claiming to be a bank employee. On the phone, she was told that her money was at risk and that she needed to transfer it to a “secure account” to keep it safe. Turns out she was the victim of a scam. The woman lost PLN 50,000.

The woman was called by a person claiming to be an employee of one of the banks. She informed that someone is trying to get a loan on the client’s data and in order to prevent him from doing so, she should urgently conclude a loan agreement for the highest possible sum and transfer the funds obtained in this way to a safe bank account. “When the woman completed these tasks, it turned out that 50,000 zlotys went to the fraudster’s account, and the remaining loan was to be repaid. The police officers received a report of the crime of fraud and are looking for its perpetrators” – explained the Grodzisk police spokeswoman Katarzyna Zych in the message.

The police once again warn against trusting people who contact us by phone or via the Internet. This also applies when the phone screen displays information that a representative of a given bank is calling us. “Scammers can impersonate the number of a specific facility, and then, thanks to the data obtained during the conversation, they are even more effective in persuading the victim to follow the instructions” – the policewoman wrote in the message.

How do scammers work? The police comply

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As she pointed out, there are known cases of telephone contact and “encouragement to invest in the cryptocurrency market.” The alleged broker urges you to install an application that allows you to access your computer remotely. “Then he persuades you to log on to the bank’s website. In this way, he has all the necessary data to make transfers or take out a loan” – explained Zych.

Received a suspicious call? The police warn against scammers KPP in Piaseczno

The police officer also appealed not to install unknown applications on computers, smartphones or tablets. In the hands of fraudsters, these are efficient tools to steal login details or other important information.

“As soon as we have any suspicions about the identity of the person contacting us, the connection should be disconnected immediately. No matter how old we are and how much we know about this type of fraud, it is not worth getting drawn into a conversation that may result in lead to the loss of our savings.

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