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Grodzisk Wielkopolski. Plastic in dumplings given to children in kindergarten

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Parents of preschoolers from Grodzisk Wielkopolski received disturbing calls on Monday. It turned out that their children were served dumplings with single “foreign bodies” for lunch. The management of the municipal canteens informed that the defective batch of food was withdrawn and the samples will be sent for analysis.

The dumplings eaten by the children during their stay in the municipal kindergarten were supposed to contain only blueberries and cheese. However, according to local media, during a meal, one of the preschoolers took out an object resembling a piece of plastic from his mouth. Parents were alerted.

– After 4 pm, a lady from the Communal Canteens called me. She informed that she asked to observe a pre-school child, because today for lunch children were served dumplings with, quote, “particles of plastic”. I contacted other parents and each of them was also notified of this incident. We are afraid for our children. What could be the health consequences of this? What did the children actually eat? This situation should not happen. Today we will not sleep peacefully – says one of the mothers, quoted by “Głos Wielkopolski”.

Discontinued batch of dumplings

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The management of the commune canteens, responsible for meals in the commune kindergarten, published a statement which shows that “single foreign bodies were found in the dumplings”.

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Statement of the Municipal CanteensMunicipal canteens in Grodzisk Wielkopolski

“The defective batch was immediately withdrawn and the samples will be analyzed tomorrow. (…) We will inform you immediately about the result of the analysis of the samples” – we read in the message signed by Małgorzata Krysztofiak, director of Communal Canteens.

The statement also shows that 250 parents of preschoolers have been informed about the situation, and the company supplying dumplings will be obliged to explain the matter in detail.

TVN24 Kraków / Głos Wielkopolski

Main photo source: Natalia Sidorova/Shutterstock

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