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Grudziądz. Death after viper bite. Services warn

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In Grudziądz, a viper bit a dog. The animal did not survive. Firefighters and ecologists appeal for caution during holiday walks.

On Monday, Grudziądz firefighters received a report that a European adder had bitten a dog on Kasprzaka Street.

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“PSP crews were dispatched to an incident in which a dog was bitten by a European adder on Kasprzaka Street. Despite the search, the reptile could not be located,” the City Headquarters of the State Fire Service in Grudziądz reported.

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Unfortunately, the dog could not be saved. – The dog ended its life very quickly. Even before our arrival – explained Brigadier Paweł Korgol, press officer of the Municipal Headquarters of the State Fire Service in Grudziądz.

The services are warning

Firefighters appeal to people to be extra careful and not to approach if they encounter a viper. The European adder is a venomous reptile from the family Viperidae with a characteristic zigzag pattern on its back. The viper found in Poland can have different colors. During sunny weather, vipers like to crawl out of their lairs and bask in the sun.

European adder (Vipera berus)Shutterstock

“Remember to be careful when walking in the forest or on a field road, especially when taking your dog for a walk. A dog should always be on a leash, also in the forest. If you come across a viper on your path, do not provoke it, do not approach it and let the animal safely go away. Keep your dog close to you, because a viper can attack quickly, especially when it feels cornered,” the Ecological Education Centre in Grudziądz appealed.

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