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Grudziadz. One step away from a tragedy on a pedestrian crossing. The driver almost hit a woman with a child

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In Grudziądz (Kuyavian-Pomeranian Voivodeship), a passenger car driver almost hit a woman with a child on a pedestrian crossing. It was only thanks to her reflexes that a tragedy didn’t happen. The police are already identifying the driver.

The incident took place on Thursday (June 22), but the recording did not appear online until a week later. It shows a woman with a child in her arms, who is trying to overcome a pedestrian crossing along ul. Chełmińska. In front of the passage, a car stopped – the one from which the described recording comes. After the woman covered a few meters, a second speeding car drove right in front of her nose, having previously avoided a car allowing pedestrians. The woman stopped in time, so there was no serious accident.

The police are already identifying the driver. As he said in an interview with the tvn24.pl portal, young asp. Łukasz Kowalczyk from the Municipal Police Headquarters in Grudziądz, stopping the driver is a matter of time.

The search for the driver is underway

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– Based on the recording that we revealed on the fan page in the social media of one of the local portals, we have already taken the appropriate steps to determine the perpetrator of this offense. We have a starting point because we know where and when the incident took place and who has the monitoring – admitted Kowalczyk.

A woman with a child was almost hitgrudziadz365.pl

He added that the driver will definitely be held accountable. “We don’t let things like this go unnoticed. We are talking here about bypassing the vehicle and creating a very glaring threat to road safety – explained junior asp. Lukasz Kowalczyk.

Main photo source: grudziadz365.pl

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