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Gruszewnia. Mother and daughter murdered at home, neighbor will stand trial. There is an indictment

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According to the surveillance footage, someone was staying with two women at night, and they were found dead two days later. They were beaten and had stab wounds. The prosecutor’s office was led to the suspect by a DNA trace left on the glass. Now the men will face trial. He is a neighbor of the murdered people – a 70-year-old woman and her 48-year-old daughter.

The District Prosecutor’s Office in Częstochowa sent an indictment to the District Court in Częstochowa against 43-year-old Rafał O., regarding the murder with particular cruelty of a mother and daughter, which occurred on the night of August 7-8, 2022 in Gruszewnia in the Kłobuck district.

Bodies of two women in the house

A 70-year-old woman and her 48-year-old daughter were found dead on August 9, 2022. They were in their house in Gruszewnia when a relative came to them.

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During the examination, numerous injuries were found on the women’s bodies. The autopsy showed that the direct cause of the women’s deaths were serious head injuries. Moreover, the victims’ death was caused by numerous stab wounds, which resulted in blood loss. “The opinions of forensic experts also show that the perpetrator’s behavior can be described as the so-called ‘overkill’. This concept means that the killer inflicts a greater number of fatal blows and with greater force than is needed to physically kill the victim,” he explains in Tomasz Ozimek, spokesman for the Częstochowa prosecutor’s office, issued the statement.

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Gruszewnia: bodies of two women found in the house. Both had multiple stab woundsThe search for the perpetrator or perpetrators of the murder of a 70-year-old mother and her 48-year-old daughter continues. The women’s bodies were found in their house on Tuesday in the village of Gruszewnia near Częstochowa. The family had not had contact with them for several days, so on Tuesday a relative arrived and first discovered the body of the younger woman. When the police arrived, they found the body of a 70-year-old woman in the second room.Marta Kolbus | Facts in the afternoon TVN24

Surveillance footage – cyclist between houses

Monitoring recordings were secured during the investigation. The analysis of the videos showed that on the night of August 7-8, 2022, someone was riding a bicycle between the houses belonging to the deceased women and the neighboring house of Rafał O.’s family.

– The recording is from a distance. You can see a figure or figures, flashes of light in the house of the murdered women. The light turns on on August 7, turns off at night, and turns on again in the morning the next day – Ozimek describes to us.

Investigators were at Rafał O.’s house, but did not find him. The day before the discovery of the crime – August 8 – the man left for… German, where he had been working for several years. Investigators obtained his biological material for comparative tests. These tests show that O.’s DNA was on a glass found at the crime scene – in the house of the murdered women.

When Rafał O. returned from Germany on September 29, 2022, he was arrested on suspicion of murdering the residents of Gruszewnia.

A suspect and the murder of two neighborsSilesian police

He indicated where he threw the knife, but he did not remember the reason for the crime

Interrogated by prosecutor O. he confessed to murdering women and provided explanations in which he described the course of events at the victims’ home. During the trial experiment, he showed investigators where he threw away the knife – the murder weapon – and other items, including glasses.

The motive for the crime was not established – O. covered himself with oblivion.

Initially, the prosecutor accused him of raping a younger woman. – According to experts, these injuries could have been caused in a different way, not as a result of rape, which is why the prosecutor ultimately decided not to include this charge in the indictment – explains Ozimek.

All the more so because O. began to withdraw from everything during subsequent interrogations. He does not confess and refuses to provide explanations.

The light goes out and comes on again in the morning

The collected evidence shows that on August 7, 2022, the women were alone – the 48-year-old’s husband was working abroad. Rafał O visited them. He drank alcohol with his neighbors.

At some point, there was an argument between O. and the 48-year-old. The man allegedly attacked the woman, punched and kicked her all over her body, and then also beat her mother unconscious.

Then O. was supposed to leave the women – the surveillance shows the lights going off in their house. A few hours later, in the morning, it lights up again. According to investigators, O. then returned to the crime scene, realized that the women were still alive and stabbed them numerous times with a knife, which he later took with him.

Based on the opinions of expert psychiatrists, it was found that Rafał O. was sane at the time of committing the acts he was accused of. He is a furniture carpenter by profession. He had no criminal record in the past. He will be brought to court from the detention center where he was arrested immediately after his arrest. He faces up to life in prison.

Main photo source: tvn24

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