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Grzędy, Mazovia. They posed as police officers, the couple lost money and jewelry. Indictment

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The District Prosecutor’s Office in Warsaw sent an indictment to the court against six people. Wearing balaclavas, pretending to be police officers, the perpetrators entered the couple’s house in one of the towns near Warsaw and, after searching them, took valuables.

A spokeswoman for the District Prosecutor’s Office in Warsaw, Aleksandra Skrzyniarz, said that the indictment against six people was filed on April 19 with the District Court in Grójec. The indictment included Marek P., Dawid K., Paweł R., Paweł P. and Robert K. and Marlena K.

– Five men were charged with particularly brazen theft and impersonating a public official. In addition, some of them will be charged with possession of marijuana – emphasized prosecutor Aleksandra Skrzyniarz. She also added that the woman covered by the indictment will also be charged with possession of marijuana.

They knocked on the house with balaclavas on their faces

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According to the findings of the investigators, on Sunday, September 25, 2022, at 6 a.m., the accused men drove a passenger Opel to one of the houses in Grzędy (Piaseczyński district), belonging to Iwona and Tadeusz D. Four of them, dressed as policemen with balaclavas on their faces, knocked to Mrs D’s door

After entering, the men announced that they were from the police and were investigating drug trafficking, which the son of the victims was supposed to deal with. While they were inside, the unaware couple D. was detained in one of the rooms. At that time, the other “policemen” searched the house, explaining to the victims that they were looking for drugs.

A woman and five men were arrested by the policeKSP

According to PAP findings, an intervention patrol of a security company came to the site during this incident, because the alarm signaling the opening of the door was activated. The victim canceled the alarm, being convinced that there were real policemen with him.

In fact, instead of looking for drugs, the “policemen” from Iwona D.’s purse stole gold jewelry and tens of thousands of zlotys. They also looted jewelry that was hidden in the couple’s house.

After a dozen or so minutes of the “search”, the fake policemen left the house in a hurry and drove off in the Opel with tires screeching. As it turned out later, they didn’t get far, because only five kilometers from the house of Mr. and Mrs. D., the criminals burned down the Opel and changed to another car.

When the household members realized that they had been deceived and robbed, they reported the matter to the real officers. – The policemen of the Warsaw Criminal Department working on the case, thanks to operational findings, found the people responsible for this crime – announced at the beginning of November last year, the spokesman for the Warsaw Police Headquarters, Nadkom. Sylwester Marczak.

Police: Perpetrators can be dangerous

The arrest of the fake policemen took place at the end of October 2022. – In cooperation with colleagues from the Independent Counter-Terrorist Subdivisions of the Police from Warsaw and Radom and the Central Counter-Terrorist Subdivision of the Police “BOA”, they entered five apartments in Warsaw and the surrounding districts and detained one woman and five men aged 27 to 38 – said the policeman. One person was also taken into custody.

The police investigation showed that the perpetrators could be dangerous, most of them had to actively train MMA martial arts. Some of them were also alleged to have committed other types of crimes in the past, including participation in an organized crime group, possession of weapons without the required permit, or taking a hostage, which is why it was decided to involve other units in the activities, the KSP spokesman said.

After the arrest, all six were brought to the District Prosecutor’s Office in Warsaw, where they were charged.

A woman will face trial for possession of nearly 1.3 grams of marijuana, which police found in her apartment during the arrest. In turn, Marek P., Dawid K., Paweł R., Paweł P. and Robert K. will answer to court for particularly daring theft and impersonating a public official. In addition, Marek P. and Paweł R. will also be responsible for possession of marijuana.

The offenses alleged in the indictment are punishable by up to 8 years in prison

Main photo source: KSP

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