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Grzegorz Braun goes to Strasbourg and Brussels. What awaits us? As he himself says: it will be more interesting and scarier

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If Third Way and the Left lost significantly in comparison to the elections of October 15, the Confederation clearly gained. It will have six MEPs. Among them is a man who told the Minister of Health that he would be hanged because he promoted COVID-19 vaccinations, ripped the Ukrainian flag from the mast, extinguished Hanukkah candles with a fire extinguisher, and that for him the EU is murder.

Grzegorz Braun obtained the best result in the Confederation, over 110,000 votes. – It will be even more interesting. I think it will be even scarier. I think Mordor is coming. It will only roar – he said after the exit poll results were announced.

“Poland's membership in the Eurokolkhoz is still a dogma. A united Eurokolkhoz-war-Covid-Hanukkah front” – could be heard in his campaign spot.

For his party – as he said many times during the campaign – the European Union is pure evil. “Eurokolkhoz” and “Eurocommune”, which threatens the sovereignty and security of our country.

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The anti-EU strategy of the Confederation

– Poles do not want to leave the European Union, but what I said: if the European Union does not change its direction, it may happen that Poles will start to concentrate around movements guaranteeing Polexit. This is nothing extraordinary. This is a normal approach – commented Ewa Zajączkowska-Hernik from Confederation, which won a mandate to the European Parliament.

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This is to be the Confederation's strategy for the coming years and a guarantee of success. It is no coincidence that on the evening ending the European Parliament elections, the party headquarters lacked EU colors.

– We conducted a campaign in which, in my opinion, we said the most critical things about the European Union in the history of Polish campaigns – said Krzysztof Bosak, deputy speaker of the Sejm from Confederation, after the announcement of the exit poll results.

Who from the Confederation will become an MEP?

This produced concrete results. The Confederation won over one and a half million votes. That's 12 percent support. Almost three times more than in the previous European Parliament elections. – We are the third force on the Polish political scene – said Sławomir Mentzen, Confederation MP.

The Confederation introduced six of its politicians to the European Parliament: apart from Braun, Marcin Sypniewski, Tomasz Buczek, Stanisław Tyszka, Anna Bryłka and Ewa Zajączkowska-Hernik will go to Brussels. – We want Polish women, our children, to be able to move around Poland safely. So that immigrants sent by Germany, France or Italy simply do not come here – said Ewa Zajączkowska-Hernik from Confederation, which won a mandate to the European Parliament.

That is, Poland for Poles. Certainly not for Ukrainians. This is one of the Confederation's demands in the European Parliament. – It will reject the enlargement of the European Union on terms that are unfavorable to us, and in particular the enlargement to Ukraine, which other formations do not have the courage to say – said Krzysztof Bosak.

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Results of the European Parliament elections 2024 TVN24

Grzegorz Braun's success was noticed by the world media

– Poles helped Ukrainians, Ukraine, and the Polish state tremendously – said Stanisław Tyszka from Confederation, who won a mandate to the European Parliament. – You have to know moderation in everything – he added

The success of the Confederation, and especially of Grzegorz Braun, was noticed by the world media. They remind us of an incident in the Polish Sejm when a member of parliament extinguished a Hanukkah candle with a fire extinguisher. It was an act of anti-Semitism.

– I am happy for every MP from Confederation who entered the European Parliament – said Anna Bryłka from Confederation, who obtained a mandate to the European Parliament. – I am responsible for myself, and Mr Braun is responsible for himself – she added.

That's not entirely true. Grzegorz Braun in the European Parliament will be responsible not only for himself and the Confederation, but also, and perhaps above all, for Poland. In the “Eurokolkhoz”, which he hates and despises so much, he will earn about PLN 50,000 a month for five years.

Main photo source: TVN24

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