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Grzegorz Braun made headlines in the world’s media. “Disgusting scandal”

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Recently, the world media have been paying a lot of attention to Poland – and this has been the case in recent hours. But not only because of the change of power. Media from Canada to England to Israel are reporting on MP Braun’s shameful act. A Confederate MP used a fire extinguisher to extinguish the Hanukkah menorah. Foreign media speak directly about the anti-Semitic act, but also emphasize that it was met with universal condemnation in Poland.

The traditional Jewish holiday of Hanukkah has also been celebrated by world politicians for years – lighting occasional candles is considered a universal symbol of respect for tradition, peace and freedom. This year, in connection with this holiday, an unpleasant picture was sent from Poland to the world. Grzegorz Braun’s disgraceful behavior did not escape the attention of foreign media. “Bild” writes about a “disgusting scandal”, and the German public radio broadcaster reminds that in 2022 Braun fraternized with the AfD. POLITICO draws attention to the fact that this is not the first anti-Semitic act committed by a Confederate MP. “In June, he stormed a historian’s lecture on the Holocaust in Poland and destroyed the microphone and loudspeakers. He called Jews “enemies of Poland”, accusing them of wanting to make a hostile takeover of Polish territory and place Poles in reservations,” recalls the POLITICO website.

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AP also recalls Grzegorz Braun’s anti-Semitic behavior. “Braun, a pro-Russian member of the Confederation, has made false accusations in the past, claiming that there is a conspiracy aimed at transforming Poland into a Jewish state,” AP reports. Portals all over the world are reporting what happened in the Sejm on Tuesday afternoon. They point out that the incident disrupted an important day in the Polish parliament. Quoting press agencies, they emphasize that Donald Tusk and Szymon Hołownia condemned the behavior of Grzegorz Braun. “The Washington Post” notes that this is another anti-Semitic incident that has occurred around the world in recent weeks. “Braun’s extinguishment of the menorah increased divisions in the country’s parliament and at the same time highlighted tensions that have prevailed around the world since the war between Israel and the Gaza Strip began,” notes The Washington Post.

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Hołownia: there should be no place for a representative of the Confederation with Braun on board in the Presidium of the SejmTVN24

Israel’s reaction

The Israeli ambassador to Poland commented on the matter, but the Israeli media refrained from commenting. Based on agency dispatches, they write about what happened in the Polish Sejm. “An extreme right-wing MP used a fire extinguisher in the Polish parliament on Tuesday to extinguish candles on a menorah lit for Hanukkah. He caused confusion and scandal when the new pro-EU government was starting work,” reports The Times of Israel. Foreign media emphasize that all major political forces quickly condemned the behavior of Grzegorz Braun, who is one of the most controversial politicians in the Polish parliament. They also point out that the leadership of the Sejm imposed financial penalties on the Confederation MP and add that he is at risk of prosecution, deprivation of immunity and a court case.

Author:Justyna Kazimierczak

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