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Grzegorz Braun, scandal in the Sejm. What about the money from fundraisers? Response from zrzutka.pl

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After the scandalous behavior of Grzegorz Braun in the Sejm, when he disrupted the celebration of the Festival of Lights with a fire extinguisher in his hand, collections appeared on Zrzutka.pl to financially support the MP. They were blocked shortly thereafter. However, information appeared on the Internet that the collected funds were paid to the account of Braun’s foundation. We asked zrzutka.pl for details.

Last Tuesday, Confederation MP Grzegorz Braun used a powder fire extinguisher to extinguish Hanukkah candles lit in the Sejm. The Marshal of the Sejm excluded MP Braun from the session. The Presidium of the Sejm imposed financial penalties on him. On the same day, late in the evening, the Chancellery of the Sejm notified the prosecutor’s office. Last Wednesday morning, the District Prosecutor’s Office in Warsaw ex officio initiated proceedings into Tuesday’s events in the Sejm.

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After Braun disrupted the ceremony in the Sejm and information about financial penalties against him appeared in the media, several collections were organized on the zrzutka.pl website for the punished MP. The website zrzutka.pl informed shortly later that “all active collections for MP Grzegorz Braun have been blocked”, and future collections for this purpose will also be interrupted. However, tens of thousands of zlotys have been collected so far.

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On Tuesday, on platform

Due to these reports, we asked the website zrzutka.pl whether the website had decided to pay money to Grzegorz Braun, what amounts were in question and whether a decision had been made to unblock the collections.

Zrzutka.pl website stand

In response, Joanna Jakubicka, marketing manager of zrzutki.pl, sent us the website’s position. “Due to the scope of the professional secrecy of the payment service provider that binds us – as a national payment institution – we cannot provide detailed comments on individual cases of our clients,” we read.

“Funds paid for a specific collection are collected on a payment account maintained by us for its Organizer and from the moment the payment is recorded, the Organizer becomes their owner. It is worth emphasizing that zrzutka.pl sp. z o. o. is never the owner of funds collected on its payment accounts. customers,” the statement explained.

“In the case of collections organized immediately after the incident of December 13 with the participation of MP Grzegorz Braun, after a thorough analysis of the circumstances of their organization, descriptions and, above all, comments accompanying the payments made to them (very often containing directly anti-Semitic content, violating the rights of third parties, praising crimes or inciting hatred based on nationality), we have found that allowing them to continue carries too high a risk that they will lead to violations of applicable law,” the website wrote in response.

It was added that the mass establishment of collections “caused the suspicion that some of them would be used to misappropriate the collected funds by taking advantage of the momentary publicity that this topic received and setting up a collection for a false purpose by a dishonest Organizer.” “For this reason, we decided to exclude the possibility of further establishing them or continuing collections already organized, and to carry out verification activities provided for in our regulations” – it was explained.

“However, this does not mean that each of such collections violated the law or our regulations. In cases where we did not find any such violation, we are obliged to pay the funds to their Organizer,” it was noted in the response. Zrzutka.pl did not directly answer our questions about the number of collections from which money was paid and what was the total amount paid.

“It should be emphasized that Zrzutka.pl sp. z o. o. never appropriates the amounts collected at collections, nor can it block them unjustifiably. These funds can only be paid to the organizer or returned to donors,” it added.

Main photo source: Marcin Obara/PAP

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