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Grzegorz Piechowiak leaves the Agreement. He remains in the PiS club

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Grzegorz Piechowiak leaves the Agreement. The politician announced on Thursday that he would not join the Law and Justice party or Adam Bielan’s Republican Party. On Wednesday evening in the Sejm, he and PiS voted in favor of the anti-TVN bill.

“I have resigned from membership in the Agreement,” said Grzegorz Piechowiak on Thursday, who on Wednesday also resigned from his position in the government due to the earlier decision of Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki to dismiss Jarosław Gowin from the position of deputy prime minister and head of the Ministry of Development, Labor and Technology. On Wednesday evening, Piechowiak in the Sejm voted together with PiS for the anti-TVN bill.


When asked if he was going to join the PiS party, he denied it. – With people who have already left the Agreement in connection with staying in the PiS club, we have decided that we will stick together in the group within the club – he said. When asked if he would join the Republican Party, he replied that “there is no such option.”

Grzegorz PiechowiakAlbert Zawada / PAP

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Ociepa, Murdzek and Baszko leave the Agreement

In addition to Piechowiak from the Covenant, there were also other MPs voting on Wednesday together with PiS, i.e. Marcin Ociepa (deputy head of the Ministry of National Defense), Wojciech Murdzek (Deputy Minister of Education and Science) i Mieczysław Baszkowho said he would join the Republican Party.

As explained by Piechowiak, Anna Dąbrowska-Banaszek, who did not formally belong to Jarosław Gowin’s party, will also remain in the PiS club. The MP also said that another person will withdraw from the Agreement. However, he did not want to reveal who.

Earlier, Mieczysław Baszko said that Andrzej Gut-Mostowy is also among the deputies who will remain in the PiS club and leave the ranks of the Agreement. On Wednesday, Gut-Mostowy resigned from the position of deputy minister of development, labor and technology, and during the vote on the amendment of the so-called of the media law, he was the only one in the PiS club to abstain from voting.

Apart from the deputy heads of MRPiT Piechowiak and Gut-Mostowy, Iwona Michałek also resigned from this function in the ministry. Marcin Ociepa, as deputy head of the Ministry of National Defense, also resigned Wojciech Murdzek as the deputy head of MEiN. On Thursday, the prime minister accepted the dismissal of Michałek.

Piechowiak, when asked if he was upholding his resignation as deputy minister of the RPiT, replied: “Of course it is.” – My position in the government was the result of negotiations between the Agreement and PiS. As the Agreement has decided to leave the United Right, I believe that a resignation is necessary for reasons of political hygiene. He only knows what decision the prime minister will make, he stressed.

Gowin: we form the parliamentary circle of the AgreementTVN24

The agreement leaves the ruling coalition

After the Prime Minister dismissed the leader of the Covenant, which, as the government spokesman said, was due to the fact that Gowin and the members of the Covenant were working at an insufficient pace on the projects included in the Polish Lada and were taking “unreliable actions” regarding the tax reform, the party’s management decided to leave the United Right.

After leaving the ruling coalition, Jarosław Gowin’s party formed a parliamentary circle, which included: Jarosław Gowin, Michał Wypij as the head of the circle, Magdalena Sroka, Iwona Michałek, Stanisław Bukowiec and the previously unaffiliated MP Monika Pawłowska. Senator Józef Zając will also belong to the parliamentary circle.

Main photo source: Albert Zawada / PAP

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