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Grzegorz Puda. The Seym dealt with the motion to arrest the minister of agriculture

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Late in the evening, the Sejm deals with the PSL’s motion to express no confidence in the minister of agriculture and rural development, Grzegorz Puda. – You do not see problems in agriculture and the emerging new threats, because you have no substantive knowledge or experience – Stefan Krajewski, PSL MP, said to Puda. On the other hand, MP Robert Telus from PiS stated that the application “is written on the knee, sucked out of the finger and is only a political brawl”.

The PSL club filed a motion to dismiss the minister of agriculture in August. Members of the Left also signed the motion. The agrarians emphasize that since Puda became a minister in October last year, the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development “does not prepare legislative projects, does not conduct dialogue with farmers and agricultural organizations”.

Justifying the motion, MP Krajewski said in the Sejm on Thursday evening that Puda did not participate in the meetings of the parliamentary committee on agriculture, did not speak in the parliamentary hall, and did not present new proposals or bills with farmers in mind.

Krajewski to Puda: you are a symbol of the ineptitude and impossibilism of this government

Krajewski put a small model of a farm tractor on the podium. He said – in the context of one of the conferences with the participation of the head of the government – that he dedicated this tractor to the prime minister and the minister of agriculture, because “they both became famous for the law”. – Apparently, the originator of the unlucky game during the speech of Prime Minister Morawiecki, when new machines were placed on the farm, which were not part of the visited farm, was supposed to be Minister Puda – emphasized the PSL MP.

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As he added, Puda was the rapporteur for the so-called Kaczyński Fridays, i.e. proposals that aroused huge opposition from farmers.

The PSL MP accused Puda of being incompetent and ignoring the problems of agriculture. – Minister, you do not see problems in agriculture and the emerging new threats, because you have no substantive knowledge or experience – the PSL deputy addressed Puda. “You are a symbol of the ineptitude and impossibilism of this government,” he said.

Grzegorz Puda during the parliamentary debate on the vote of no confidence in himPAP / Piotr Nowak

Telus: The motion to dismiss Puda is a political booty

On Wednesday, the parliamentary agriculture commission negatively recommended a motion for a vote of no confidence in minister Puda.

Law and Justice deputy Robert Telus, presenting the commission’s report, said that “the ZSL and the PZPR have once again shown that they work together”. – PSL also worked with “rainbow” and “red” and “orange” ones. It worked with everyone, but you, my dear ones, are drawn to this red color, to the Left, to the Polish United Workers’ Party, Telus told PSL politicians.

As he noted, about a hundred people signed the motion to dismiss Puda, and a dozen attended the commission. Nine people took part in the vote in the committee. “This conclusion is written on the knee, made out of the finger, and is nothing but a political bang,” assessed Telus.

The PiS deputy refuted allegations against Puda that the amounts of subsidies for farmers had not been increased. He indicated that in the new EU perspective, there will be EUR 34.5 billion for Polish agriculture, and this – as he said – more than negotiated by the opposition during his rule.

He accused the PSL and the opposition of “cheating and robbing a Polish farmer for 15 years”. Telus argued that the government is allocating PLN 200 million for processing and is rebuilding it after its predecessors.

The PiS MP also argued that the current government has repeatedly increased funds for the fight against ASF. He also accused the PSL of introducing an embargo on Polish apples, and Władysław Kosiniak-Kamysz raised the retirement age for farmers.

Grzegorz Puda during the parliamentary debatePAP / Piotr Nowak

Telus added that the PiS government is rebuilding its veterinary inspection and that it has raised agricultural pensions by 50 percent. He added that PiS saved Polish soil from being sold out.

Deputy Jerzy Małecki from PiS, speaking in the debate, assessed that since PiS was in power, “finally, farmers in the Polish countryside have a chance to pursue their dreams and ambitions.” He stressed that PiS “has always respected the farmer’s work”.

– First of all, we have moved the Polish countryside to the center of our policy – added Małecki. – After years of pushing farmers’ problems away, today they are at the heart of government policy, both at the national and European level – noted the MP.

According to him, in the application to dismiss Puda “the most hypocritical” is “the declaration of the necessity to introduce guaranteed prices for Polish farmers”. “If it’s so simple, why didn’t you actually do it when you ruled?” – asked Małecki, and then he himself explained that it was impossible, “because such solutions cannot be introduced within the European Union”.

He assured that a Polish farmer does not need a price guarantee, but a “profitability guarantee”. – And where there are no extraordinary difficulties, such as ASF, bird flu, or extreme weather conditions, this profitability is today – assessed the PiS MP. – We promised farmers that the Polish countryside would gain their rightful position and we keep this word – he added.

Main photo source: PAP / Piotr Nowak

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