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Gubin. The 88-year-old girl trapped in the room with her son. The police intervened

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Police officers from Gubin (Lubuskie Province) released two people imprisoned in their own apartment. The 88-year-old and her son crashed into one of the rooms. – It was not necessary to break the door or use specialized equipment – assures the spokeswoman of the police in Krosno Odrzańskie.

Police officers intervened in one of the apartments in Gubin (Lubuskie Voivodeship). An 88-year-old woman asked for help. – An inhabitant of Gubin with her son trapped in a room from which, despite attempts, they were unable to get out. Fortunately, in order to free the family from the second floor, it was not necessary to break down the door or use specialized equipment – informed the subcommittee. Justyna Kulka, spokeswoman for the police in Krosno Odrzańskie.

When the policemen appeared in front of the tenement house, the woman threw their keys through the window, thanks to which they could simply open the door to the apartment and free the family.


– In March this year, the officers helped a woman who fell from a wheelchair and could not get carried away by herself, and in August the paralyzed man and his daughter who looked after him could count on the help of the uniformed men – adds Kulka.

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