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Gubin. The two-month-old boy was losing his breath. The mother asked the police for help. Recording

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While walking, the mother noticed that her two-month-old son was having trouble breathing. She appeared with the child at the police station in Gubin (Lubuskie Voivodeship). According to the police, the duty officer of the unit and the traffic officer fought for several minutes to restore the child’s breathing and monitored the infant’s vital functions. The boy was later taken over by the ambulance crew.

The incident happened on Tuesday, March 28. It was then that a woman who was out for a walk with her two-month-old son noticed that the boy was having trouble breathing.

– She turned to the policemen from the Police Station in Gubin for help, where she told him about the symptoms in a conversation with the duty officer of the unit. The boy was very weak, his breathing was very shallow and irregular. The duty officer, seeing the condition of the child, immediately called a police officer of the traffic department nearby, who has the qualifications of qualified pre-medical assistance, to help – reports Komm. Joanna Kulka from the police in Krosno Odrzańskie.

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They thought the threat was over. The boy’s breathing stopped again

He reported that the boy’s symptoms indicated that he might have been choking. Time was counting. – They tried to do everything to restore stable breathing to the baby – emphasizes Kulka. The policeman monitored the infant’s vital functions all the time, and his friend checked the child’s mouth and massaged his back. It seemed that the threat had passed, but at some point the boy’s breathing stopped. The police officer, keeping a cool head, after placing the child on her forearm, performed several blows between the shoulder blades, with a positive result. Breathing came back but was very shallow and irregular.

A fragment of the rescue operation can be seen in the recording published by the police (the date shown in the video is incorrect).

However, after a few minutes, the boy stopped breathing again and began to turn blue. More blows between the baby’s shoulder blades helped. Breathing came back and stabilized. Emergency medical personnel called to the scene took the boy to the hospital for examination. – After a night spent in the hospital, he returned home safe and sound – informs Kulka.

Paramedics took over the boy. The child was hospitalizedLubusz police

Staff sergeant Sylwia Hajdamowicz and junior midshipman Grzegorz ŁukowiakLubusz police

Main photo source: Lubusz police

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