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Gucin. Tragic accident, 4-year-old dies. First findings of the prosecution

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The prosecutor’s office provides the first findings regarding the tragic accident near Ostrołęka. A child died, his father, who was behind the wheel, is in the hospital. He had almost three times the legal limit of alcohol in his blood and a court-ordered driving ban.

– The District Prosecutor’s Office in Ostrołęka is supervising the investigation into the road accident that occurred on the evening of 8 in Gucin, as a result of which a 4-year-old boy died at the scene – Elżbieta Łukasiewicz, spokeswoman for the District Prosecutor’s Office in Ostrołęka informed us on Tuesday.

We wrote about the tragic accident on tvnwarszawa.pl over the long weekend. Now, investigators are reporting what they’ve found so far.

“She heard a bang and ran out to see what happened”

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According to the prosecutor’s office, on Thursday evening Andrzej P. and his 4-year-old son Miłosz were supposed to go to a store in a nearby town. – Andrzej P. smelled of alcohol. The child’s mother Renata K. was taking care of her daughter at that time – the spokeswoman said and reserved that at this stage of the proceedings, the investigators did not know when and under what circumstances the man got into the car with the child.

– Witness Małgorzata D. was at home in the evening. At one point, she heard a bang and ran out to see what happened. She saw a car crashed into a tree. She notified her husband, who ran to the vehicle. Artur D. saw a man in an Audi car. He tried to help him, but the door was locked. They notified the emergency services. Firefighters arrived at the scene of the accident and freed the man and the child from the car. The boy was between the legs of his father who was driving. He showed no signs of life. Andrzej P. was taken to the hospital – added the representative of the prosecutor’s office.

Alcohol and driving bans

Moreover, as it was established, Andrzej P. was under the influence of alcohol while driving the car. – In laboratory tests, the alcohol content in the blood was found to be 2.9 per mille. In addition, Andrzej P. is banned from driving any motor vehicles for a period of three years, issued by the District Court in Ostrołęka in January 2023, Elżbieta Łukasiewicz clarified.

Currently, Andrzej P. is in a deep pharmacological coma. – Therefore, it is not possible to perform procedural activities with his participation. Andrzej P.’s health is constantly monitored, the spokeswoman explained.

The cause of the child’s death

The site of the accident was also inspected at the site of the tragic event. The car was secured for further examination. Witnesses were questioned. An autopsy was performed on the child on Monday. The cause of the boy’s death, according to the prosecutor’s office, was a head injury.

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Fatal hit on WolskaTomasz Zieliński/tvnwarszawa.pl

Author:Klaudia Ziólkowska

Main photo source: KMP in Ostrołęka

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