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Gucin. Tragic accident, a 4-year-old boy dies. It is known how fast the driver was driving

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The prosecutor’s office received the opinion of an accident reconstruction expert who examined the tragic accident in Gucin near Ostrołęka. In June, a 4-year-old boy died there. His drunk father was behind the wheel. The specialist estimated that the driver could have been traveling at a speed of 136 to 146 km/h.

– As part of the proceedings, an opinion was obtained on the investigation and reconstruction of road accidents, which shows that the driver, Andrzej P., immediately before the incident, was driving at a speed significantly exceeding the speed administratively permitted on a given road section – the spokeswoman of the District Prosecutor’s Office in Ostrołęka told us – Elżbieta Edyta Łukasiewicz.

She specified that, according to the engineer, the suspect’s speed could have ranged from 136 to 146 km/h (the speed limit at the accident site was 90 km/h). – According to the expert, the limit speed for safely crossing this section of road was 92 km/h – she added.

The four-year-old was sitting on the driver’s lap

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We wrote about the tragic accident on tvnwarszawa.pl during the June long weekend. According to the prosecutor’s office at the time, the incident took place in Gucin. In the evening, Andrzej P. with his four-year-old son Miłosz they were supposed to go to a store located in a nearby town. The child’s mother, Renata K., took care of her daughter at that time.

Andrzej P., even though he had been drinking earlier, decided to get behind the wheel, lost control of the car and hit a tree. – Miłosz was transported incorrectly: he was sitting in the driver’s seat, on the driver’s lap, Andrzej P., without the required car seat. As a result of the accident, the child suffered a number of skull and brain injuries. These injuries were the cause of the boy’s death – prosecutor Łukasiewicz described at the time.

Miłosz died on the spot, his father was taken to hospital. For several weeks, the prosecutor’s office could not bring charges against the boy’s father because his health condition did not allow it. Ultimately, however, he is suspected of willful violation of road traffic rules and causing a fatal road accident, as well as driving a passenger car in land traffic while under the influence of alcohol, and having previously been punished by a court for driving under the influence of alcohol.

– Until the end of the proceedings, the remaining activities are related to hearing as witnesses the persons requested by the defense, supplementing the charges against the suspect and questioning Andrzej P. as a suspect, as well as carrying out final activities, including familiarizing the suspect and his defense attorney with the investigation materials – the spokeswoman now tells us.

The man pleaded not guilty. He faces 12 years in prison.

Main photo source: KMP in Ostrołęka

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