Guerrillas from Ukraine at Russian weapons factory. Air force has “serious problems”


Ukrainian-Tatar partisans from the Atesz group They reported on social media that they had succeeded carry out reconnaissance at the Tyumen Engine Plant. One of the agents managed to infiltrate a factory key to the Russian Air Force.

“Our agent gathered information about a plant that is engaged in the development and production of military engines and aircraft, including fighters, bombers and transport aircraft,” we read in the description of the photos published in the report. The guerrillas also published the coordinates of the facility.

Russia. Ukrainian partisans on the factory premises

Atesz reports in the mission report that the plant is facing serious problemswhich are caused by sanctions imposed on Russia. The plant is trying to start production of turbojet and turbofan engines using Western replacements, but the work is not going according to plan.

The factory in Tyumen was founded in 1963 due to the increasing development of Western Siberia. Produces engines and is the largest enterprise of this type in the region.

The company itself claims that it completely stopped producing defense products in 1992. In 1994, as a result of privatization, the state-owned Tyumen Engine Building Enterprise created the Tyumen Engine Building Association. From 2021 it is part of an industrial group Gazprom Energoholding Industrial Assets.

In Tyumen they produced Yak-38 and Yak-38M aircraft carrier engines, components for Su-20, Su-24 and MiG-29 aircraft, rocket engines for air defense systems and engines for cruise missiles.

Russia's War in Ukraine. Sabotage by Ukrainian Partisans

In early July, Ukrainian partisans reported that one of their agents had blown up a railway track near the Russian city of Jekaterynburgabout 1600 kilometers from Ukrainy. The tracks were used to transport North Korean ammunition for the ongoing war. Atesh announced that the number of guerrilla acts of sabotage would increase with each passing day.

“The Russian military should not rest for a moment. Our revenge for your criminal actions will be terrifying,” the partisans wrote on social media.

The group previously announced sabotage of the Rostov-on-Don – Mariupol railway line, which the Russians use to transport military equipment to Ukraine.

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