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Guinea. Sergei Lavrov has started a tour of Africa, he wants to strengthen Moscow's influence on the continent

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The head of Russian diplomacy began his African trip on Monday. Sergei Lavrov's route includes only countries ruled by military juntas.

Minister of Foreign Affairs Russia Sergei Lavrov from the capital of Guinea, Conakry, began an African journey on Monday, the aim of which is to strengthen Moscow's influence on the continent.

Guinean Foreign Minister Morissada Kouyate welcomed Lavrov on Monday. According to Guinea's foreign ministry, the Russian diplomat is also scheduled to meet with junta leader Colonel Mamady Doumbouya, who has been in power since a coup in 2021.


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Russian experiments in Guinea

From Guinea, Lavrov is expected to go to Chad and probably to Burkina Faso. Lavrov last visited Guinea in 2013, but Russian-Guinean relations are a hundred years old and at the beginning they had little to do with diplomacy.

In the 1920s, Stalin sent Ilya Ivanov, a famous biologist, to Guinea, then a French colony, to check the possibility of breeding a monkey-human hybrid.

The humid forests of Guinea were inhabited by numerous chimpanzees, who were supposed to help local women give birth to an undemanding, strong man of Stalin's future. The experiment turned out to be a fiasco, Ivanov ended up in a labor camp, but the Russians did not forget about Guinea.

When the Ebola epidemic broke out in the western part of the Gulf of Guinea in 2014-2016, it killed 11,000. people, the Russians showed up with their laboratories where, as they claimed, they were working on a vaccine against this dangerous virus.

Guinea is a poor country despite its significant mineral and natural resources. Like all West African countries, it is rich in gold and diamonds and has one third of the world's bauxite reserves.

Since 2021, the country has been ruled by a junta led by Col. Mamady Doumbouya. In February, military leaders dissolved the government without explanation, saying a new one would be installed but giving no date.


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