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Haczów. The police dismantled an illegal cannabis plantation and detained two suspects

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A cannabis plantation with over 2,000 bushes was liquidated by policemen from Brzozów (Podkarpackie Voivodeship). Two men were arrested red-handed while cutting plants. The 28- and 33-year-olds have already heard the charges and face up to eight years in prison.

As reported on Thursday (August 17) by staff officer Monika Dereń from the Brzozów police, the plantation was hidden in a secluded and bushy place in the Haczów commune. It was located away from buildings and access to it was difficult.

The police dismantled an illegal cannabis plantation Subcarpathian Police

They got caught red-handed

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“On five plots of several tens of square meters, cannabis bushes grew. On Monday morning, men appeared in this place and started cutting down the plants. A moment later, both were in the hands of the police of the criminal department. The 28-year-old and 33-year-old were detained and were taken into police custody,” said Asp. staff. Dogwood.

It turned out that the plantation belongs to the detained men. They are inhabitants of the Krosno poviat.

The policemen secured all the bushes from the illegal plantation. “In total, over two thousand cannabis plants were cut down, in various stages of growth” – the officer noted.

The plantation had over two thousand bushesSubcarpathian Police

They had balaclavas and knives in the car

She added that in the car in which the plantation owners arrived, the police found balaclavas and knives that men used to cut plants.

She also stated that according to calculations, if the marijuana obtained from this liquidated plantation hit the market, it could reach a value of one and a half to two million zlotys.

They were charged and put in jail. They face up to eight years in prison

The officer reported that both men arrested red-handed had already heard charges of growing and harvesting cannabis. They pleaded not guilty to the charges against them. They will now appear in court. They face up to eight years in prison.

At the request of the prosecutor’s office, the District Court in Brzozów ordered the suspects to be arrested for three months.

In the implementation of this case, the Brzozów policemen were supported by officers from the Provincial Police Headquarters in Rzeszów.

The detainees face up to 8 years in prisonSubcarpathian Police

Main photo source: Subcarpathian Police

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