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Haiti, chaos in the country. Gangs are attacking, the Prime Minister has been found

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Subsequent brutal clashes between gangs and state services in Haiti forced over 15,000 people to abandon their homes. The army was deployed to patrol the area of ​​the international airport in the capital Port-au-Prince and its surroundings. On Tuesday, there were clashes with attackers who tried to break into the building. Meanwhile, the Prime Minister of Haiti flew to Puerto Rico – reported Reuters, which had previously reported that his whereabouts had been unknown for some time.

A new wave of violence broke out in Haiti this week. The country has been in chaos for a long time due to brutal gang activity. The leader of the gang coalition and former policeman Jimmi Cherizier – known as “Barbecue” – openly says that he wants to overthrow Prime Minister Ariel Henry and his interim government.

He arouses fear, even though he thinks of himself as Robin Hood. Who is “Barbecue”? >>

People fled from their homes

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The fighting, mainly in the country’s capital, forced over 15,000 people to leave their homes, according to the UN immigration office. This intensified the poverty and the threat of lawlessness in society.

– Armed gangs forced us to leave our homes. They destroyed our houses and we are on the streets – complained Nicolas, who lives in the camp and sleeps in such conditions that – as he said – he feels like an animal.

– I didn’t have time to take any things with me, not even underwear, said Jasmine, who was staying at the shelter on Tuesday. “I didn’t know what to do,” she added.

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“Everything is missing”

Reynold Saint-Paul, a resident of the Lalue district in Port-au-Prince, also appeared at the shelter. He said he was looking for water, which was becoming scarce in the capital.

Serge Dalexis of the International Rescue Committee – who is currently in Haiti – said access to basic services such as health care, food and water had become extremely difficult. – Port-au-Prince is currently lacking everything, he stressed.


According to the AFP news agency, most residents of the capital stayed at home on Monday. Few people went outside to get water or food.

Prime Minister Ariel Henry in Puerto Rico

The situation escalated before the weekend. Then Prime Minister Ariel Henry went to Kenyato sign an agreement on the deployment of international forces to help restore order in Haiti as part of a UN-backed security mission.

Meanwhile fierce clashes between gangs and state services broke out in the capital. Members of the self-proclaimed vigilante also joined the confrontation. Panic broke out, and thousands of people tried to escape from their homes in the city center on foot or by public transport. Friday’s footage from Port-au-Prince showed bodies lying in the streets and burned vehicles.

Haitian Prime Minister Ariel Henry (left) and Kenyan President William Ruto (right)PAP/EPA/DANIEL IRUNGU

On Saturday, gangs attacked several police stations and launched attacks on the capital’s prison, from which hundreds of inmates escaped.

On Sunday, the government announced a 72-hour lockdown state of emergency. There has been an intense exchange of fire on the city’s streets for several days, Reuters wrote. He also informed earlier that it was not known where the Prime Minister was currently staying or when he would return to the country. However, on Tuesday evening, the agency reported, citing anonymous sources, that Henry had landed in Puerto Rico, so he was closer to his home country.

Haiti. The airport in the capital after the latest outbreak of violence Johnson Sabin/EPA

Soldiers defend the airport

On Tuesday, gangs attempted to take over Toussaint Louverture International Airport in Port-au-Prince. There were clashes with soldiers who were sent there on Monday to patrol the area. According to media reports, security forces foiled an attempt by armed attackers to enter the airport through a hole in the wall of one of the buildings.

As reported by the BBC, the gangs want to prevent the Prime Minister from returning to the country.

The military patrols the airport areaReuters

Haitian newspaper Le Nouvelliste reported that both international and domestic commercial flights had been suspended in recent days due to the violence. Moreover, the newspaper added that no private plane landed or took off at the airport.

Haiti. The country’s capital after the latest outbreak of violenceJohnson Sabin/EPA

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