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Hala Kondratowa, Tatra Mountains. The police detained the rioting tourist

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A 50-year-old man from the Lublin province was detained by the police in a shelter in Hala Kondratowa in the Tatra Mountains. The man was to be aggressive towards other tourists, as well as insult and violate the bodily integrity of the officers.

Police officers from Zakopane (Lesser Poland Voivodeship) received a report about an aggressive tourist around 1.20 am from Saturday to Sunday.

“The report showed that an adult male behaves aggressively towards other tourists who have found shelter in the building, and also tries to get into their rooms and threatens them with a dangerous object,” the statement reads.

The building of the mountain shelter on Hala KondratowaLesser Poland police

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Detention of the aggressor

The police patrol got to the shelter on a quad. Upon arrival, officers received information that the man was currently in the attic of the building.

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“The attempt to identify the man and bring him in front of the building ended in an even greater outburst of aggression. It was necessary to subdue him and put on handcuffs, because the drunk man posed a real threat to the people present there, but also to himself,” the police say.

A 50-year-old man from the Lublin Province was taken to the District Police Headquarters in Zakopane. When he sobered up, he was charged with insulting and violating the bodily integrity of officers.

Art. 222 of the Criminal Code. § 1. Who violates the bodily integrity of a public official or a person to help him adopted during or in connection with the performance of official duties, is subject to a fine, the penalty of restriction of liberty or imprisonment for 3 years.

Main photo source: Lesser Poland police

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