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Halina Obajtek, mother of Daniel Obajtek, invested PLN 800,000 in ERG Bieruń Folie

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When Daniel Obajtek was the mayor of Pcim, his mother Halina Obajtek gave up manual work for 1.5 thousand zlotys and bought for cash a share worth 260 thousand zlotys in the company of her son’s friends – writes “Gazeta Wyborcza” on Friday. The daily adds that the mother of the current Orlen president invested a few hundred thousand zlotys in the same company.

According to the documents received by “GW”, on June 12, 2012, Halina Obajtek paid PLN 260,000 in cash. PLN for 2.6 thousand. shares in ERG Bieruń Folie. “In the share purchase agreement, she stated that the money comes from her personal property,” we read in the journal.

Daniel Obajtek, who was the mayor of Pcim at the time, performed exactly the same transaction. The seller of the shares was Tomasz Fortuna, the owner of TT Plast from the electrical installation industry. ERG Bieruń Folie, on the other hand, is a company owned by Tomasz Bugaj, who is also the co-owner of TT Plast.

Both Bugaj and TT Plast appear on the so-called Obajtka tapes. They show that this company was to be managed “from the back seat” by Daniel Obajtek, although as the head of Pcim, he could not do it.


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Halina Obajtek provided PLN 800,000 in cash

In the following years, Halina and Daniel Obajtkowie increased their involvement in ERG Bieruń Folie twice, on exactly the same days and for the same amount. In June 2014, they bought additional 1.4 thousand. shares for 140 thousand. zloty.

The daily notes that Daniel Obajtek was the mayor of Pcim at the time and his trial of taking a bribe and fraud was pending. According to the prosecutor’s office, they were to be carried out together with a group of mobster Maciej C. ps. “President”. As “GW” reminds, the judgment in this case was not passed, because after the PiS took power, it changed the regulations, withdrew the case from the court and canceled the thread.

This is not the end of the investment. According to “GW”, in 2017 Halina Obajtek doubled her share in ERG Bieruń Folie to a total value of PLN 800 thousand. zloty. This means that she paid additional PLN 400,000 in cash. zloty. The same was done by Daniel Obajtek, who has just become the president of the state-owned Energa.

Where did Halina Obajtek get such a sum from? “Wyborcza” recalls that in the 1990s she worked as a seamstress in a factory in Myślenice, and then provided tailoring services at home. In 2001, she was employed as a manual worker at Elektroplast. According to the journal’s findings, her salary ranged between 1.2 thousand. and 1.5 thousand PLN monthly net.

“In turn, the property declarations submitted by Daniel Obajtek as the head of the commune indicate that he had the most savings in 2012 – 300,000 – after a sudden jump from 5,000 in 2011. On average, he then earned around PLN 180-190 thousand gross (this is the salary and income from renting flats) “- calculates” GW “.

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