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Hamas did not release two little boys. The terrorists claim they are dead, but the family doesn’t believe them

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4-year-old Ariel and his 9-month-old brother, along with their mother and father, were kidnapped by Hamas on October 7. Their family hoped that the children would be released during the ceasefire, but this did not happen. Hamas claims that the brothers and their mother are dead, but Israeli intelligence does not confirm this.

The hostages recently released by Hamas do not include the Bibas couple and their two children: Ariel and Kfir.

– We really hoped that they would be immediately put on the release list, because they are children, after all. But when they were not on the list, we understood that Hamas was playing with them, because there is a lot of talk about them in Israel and they will probably be released at the very end, says Josi Sznajder, cousin of Shiri Bibas, who was kidnapped by Hamas.

The last recording showing Szira Bibas and her two children – Kfir, then 9 months old, and his four-year-old Ariel – was made on October 7, on the “Black Sabbath”. – Sziri screams, but no sound comes out of her mouth. He moves them, but there is no sound. She was so scared that she couldn’t scream, Sznajder points out.

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The ceasefire ended abruptly after seven days. Israel claims that Hamas violated its content by not releasing two children from Gaza.

End of the ceasefire in the Gaza Strip. More than 130 hostages are still in Hamas’ handsJacek Tacik/Fakty TVN

A recording with the father of the family

Hamas, several hours after breaking the agreement, published a recording of the father of the family – Jarden Bibas. The man in the video says: “Bibi, you dropped bombs on my family. You killed my wife and my children.”

Jair Keshet, the kidnapped man’s uncle, never saw the video because he was afraid. – My son told me not to get into it. Not to open the movie file, he says.

Josi, however, saw the recording. – He is a mentally broken man. Someone said that everything he had was taken away from him. In this recording I saw a man who had lost half his weight, a man whose eyes showed death – he emphasizes.

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Israeli intelligence does not confirm the information about the death of the Bibas children. Moreover, hostages who were supposed to have died in the Israeli airstrike on Gaza turned out to be alive and returned home. That’s what Jarden’s uncle is counting on. – I don’t believe in their death. They’re definitely alive. It’s in me. I don’t allow other thoughts to enter my mind, says Jairus.

Ordinary Israelis are also demanding their release and greater pressure on Hamas. – I haven’t slept practically for the last 60 days, and even when I do, I’m still thinking about them. I’m trying to put it all together in my head, says Josi.

Those who were released have not seen the Bibas family, but their relatives are convinced that they are in the Gaza Strip.

Main photo source: Reuters

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