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Hamas terrorists publish videos of kidnapped Israelis. Families of the missing people are searching the Internet

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Hamas is holding up to 150 hostages and is threatening that it will not hesitate to kill them, publishing their photos so that their families know that their loved ones are in the hands of terrorists. They threaten to show photos of the executions if their demands are not met. What are they capable of? This is evidenced by the accounts of witnesses who miraculously managed to escape from the massacre.

Friends died before his eyes. Sahar, 30, was shot but managed to leave the festival area where Hamas terrorists were slaughtering. – It was real hell. I’ve never seen anything like it, and I’ve fought in two wars. There were bodies everywhere. It was mass murder. They didn’t care if you were a man or a woman, explains Sahar Ben Sela, a festival participant.

About 4,000 young people had fun at the festival organized a few kilometers from the Gaza Strip. It is unclear how much time passed between the missile launches and the arrival of the terrorists. Witness accounts suggest that everything happened very quickly. – I noticed two men with rifles on motorcycles. They started shooting as we approached them. We passed each other at 180-190 kilometers per hour. We rolled down the windows to avoid being hurt by broken glass. The horror has begun. The people behind us were no longer able to pass because soon 14 motorcycles arrived and the terrorists started shooting in bursts – says Elad Hakim, a festival participant. The festival area was surrounded and roads were closed. Elad and his friends waited twelve hours for rescue. – All this time we heard shots and people were dying. We heard them screaming, adds Elad.

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Hamas killed at least 260 festival participants. CNN reporter Nic Robertson was near the place where the tragedy occurred and reported on what happened on TVN24 BiS. – When you see the cars of festival participants parked on a nearby road, you can imagine what terrible things happened there. You can see bullet marks on the cars, traces of blood on the cars, the road and road barriers, Nic said. Hamas kidnapped at least several people from the festival grounds. Israeli authorities say about one hundred Israelis are being held in the Gaza Strip. – I have no idea what happened to my wife. When I found her car, it was full of blood and bullet holes, says Ido Nager, the husband of the woman abducted by Hamas.

Hamas attack. How does the organization that attacked Israel work?Jakub Loska/Fakty o Świecie TVN24 BiS

Lots of tragedy

– The last time I had contact with my sister was on Saturday at 6:30 in the morning. She called me and our parents. She said she loved us. She wanted to say goodbye, recalls Alexandra Ariev, the sister of the woman abducted by Hamas. There are more such dramatic stories. Among those kidnapped by Hamas is 85-year-old Yaffa Adar. Her granddaughter recognized her in a video circulating on the Internet. Terrorists took an elderly woman to the Gaza Strip in a golf cart. – My grandma is sick. She has to take medication every day to ease her pain. We don’t know how long he will survive without them. I know he’s in a lot of pain. I’m sure she’s scared and feels lonely, emphasizes Adva Adar, the granddaughter of a woman abducted by Hamas.

Maayan has similar concerns and is constantly looking for new recordings on the Internet, hoping that they will help her learn more about the fate of her missing daughters. She learned that the girls had been kidnapped from her sister, who sent her a photo published by Hamas. Initially, Maayan thought it was manipulation, photomontage. She couldn’t believe that her children had been kidnapped. – My daughters mean the world to me. They are the meaning of my existence, everything, whatever I wanted. I never cared about being rich or getting married. I always just wanted to be a mother, says Maayan Zin.

A former Israeli intelligence employee admitted in an interview with the BBC that rescuing those kidnapped by Hamas is a huge challenge. Terrorists threaten to kill hostages.

Author:Justyna Kazimierczak

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