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Hampshire, UK. The female dog ran away from home and got lost in the swamps. She was lured by a sausage tied to a drone

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The female dog Millie, living in one of the houses in Hampshire, Great Britain, ran away from her family. After two days of searching, she was found wandering in the swamps. To lure the dog to a safer place, the rescue team tied a string with a piece of sausage to the drone.

Millie escaped on Thursday, January 13, the charity Denmead Drone Search & Rescue, founded to find missing pets and people, reported. The search for the bitch lasted two days. Only thanks to the support of the drone, it was possible to locate it. She wandered in the local swamps, she was in danger of drowning.

Drone, string and sausage

The rescuers came up with the idea to lure the missing bitch to a safer place. For this, they hung up a piece of sausage and lowered it from the drone. Millie eagerly followed the snack.

After Millie left the swamp, she was still spotted near a busy highway. Eventually, it returned to its owner safe and sound.

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Main photo source: Reuters

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