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Hand surgery for Adaś. The entire amount was collected

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We managed to raise money for an expensive operation for Adam. Over PLN 360,000 was donated to the online collection account, thanks to which the boy will be able to move one finger in place of the non-existent thumb. This is a chance for a better grip and a better start in life for a boy burdened with numerous diseases, who has been fighting for health and fitness for three years.

Adaś was born prematurely in the sixth month of pregnancy. After giving birth, he was diagnosed with congenital defects. Among other things, the child’s right hand was missing the humerus and forearm bones, and the fingers of the residual hand were fused together. In the left one, a single forearm bone with two fingers was found.

In 2020, Adaś underwent surgery to separate his fingers. However, this is the end of the fight to keep your hands fit.

We managed to raise money for the operation

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On Friday, just after 8 am, an online fundraiser managed to collect the entire amount needed for the operation, which aims to move one finger to the place of the boy’s non-existent thumb. It is over PLN 360,000, because the treatment is not reimbursed. It will be carried out by the renowned orthopedist Dror Paley, an expert in limb lengthening operations for children and adults and other orthopedic surgeries.

>>> See the fundraiser for Adam

More than 9,000 people supported the campaign. The largest payment – from an anonymous donor – amounted to PLN 10,000.

– The operation consists in the fact that one of the fingers will be moved in place of the non-existent thumb, so that Adaś would have a better grip. We want to give Adaś the best possible start in life, which is why we do everything to ensure the best possible development for him – explains Wioletta Kaczmarczyk, Adam’s mother.

After the operation, Adaś will need further systematic rehabilitation, medical care and further specialist examinations. Parents and people from his immediate surroundings, however, have no doubt that the boy will be able to face adversity.

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