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Hania did not receive communion. “The children in the corridor hated her and shouted that she was the devil’s child”

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You will burn in hell – a little girl who did not receive communion heard. This was only the beginning of what happened to her from her neighbors. The priest also allegedly called on the faithful not to buy flowers from her mother’s flower shop.

What was a celebration for others turned out to be the beginning of trouble for Hania and her family. It all started with a chocolate bar. – The lady honors the First Communion children with gifts and chocolates. My daughter asks “if she will get it too”, to which the answer is “you won’t get it, because you are not entitled to it, because you did not receive the sacrament of communion”. She stood alone at it. The children in the corridor hated her and shouted that she was the devil’s child and that she would burn in hell – says Lucyna Pałka, Hania’s mother. – Children who do not attend religious classes do not receive a souvenir of their first communion. I don’t know if one child, but none who does not join, receives it – says Grażyna Przybył, principal of the Franciszek Mickiewicz Primary School in Rożnów.

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The girl’s parents reported that the child was being harassed. Those ignored reported to the Ombudsman and the school board. The inspection showed that chocolate and gifts for first communion violate the school’s statute. Hania was also not taken care of as she was the only one who did not attend religion classes. There was no apology – there was a proposal that Hania should not come to school until the end of the year. The girl returned to school after the holidays, but to a different class.

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Hundreds of thousands of children were molested by priests in Spain. The report shows the huge scale of pedophiliaJustyna Zuber/Fakty po Południu TVN24

The priest’s revenge

The girl’s mother, who runs a flower shop in the village, also learned that the parish priest had encouraged the faithful to boycott her business. – I haven’t bought flowers there for some time. Despite some very close relationships in the past, but due to the certain odium that arises regarding children – explains Father Przemysław Prędki, parish priest of St. Catherine in Rożnów. – Intimidating the residents not to follow in our footsteps, because “if you go and don’t give your child for communion, you will have consequences,” says Hania’s mother. After four months without an income, the family was on the brink.

Friends came to the rescue. They posted a post on social media, thanks to which people from near and far started coming to buy flowers. Mr. Adrian bought flowers for a thousand zlotys. He gave some of it to the priest. Many believe the priest should at least apologize.

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However, the principal is happy when she finds evidence of tolerance in the facility, giving the example of a disco that was organized on Halloween. Hania still uses the help of a psychologist. – She saw guilt in herself, says her mother. While others received communion, Hania and her parents planted a tree. She was told it was “worth shit”.

Main photo source: Fakty TVN

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