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Hanna Machińska dismissed from the function of Deputy Ombudsman Marcin Wiącek. The Ombudsman’s office comments

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The Office of the Commissioner for Human Rights issued a communiqué after Marcin Wiącek recalled his deputy, Dr. Hanna Machińska. It was assured that the ombudsman “highly appreciates the achievements and cooperation to date”, and the decision to dismiss “is related to the preparation of the office to new challenges in the field of human rights protection”.

Ombudsman Professor Marcin Wiącek dismissed doctor Hanna Machińska the duties of his deputy. She will be replaced by the habilitated doctor Wojciech Brzozowski – head of the Department of Religious Law at the Faculty of Law and Administration of the University of Warsaw.

The decision to dismiss Machińska surprised many commentators and reacted among the expert team operating at one of the bodies in the Office of the Commissioner for Human Rights.

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The Ombudsman “highly appreciates the achievements and cooperation to date”

On Thursday, the Office of the Commissioner for Human Rights issued a communiqué in this regard.

“The Defender would like to emphasize that he highly values ​​the achievements and cooperation with Dr. Hanna Machińska. She made an extremely important contribution to the office’s activities, contributed to strengthening its authority and public trust. Among other things, through direct interventions at the scene of events, wherever to break human rights and rights of the citizen. At the same time, she always showed great sensitivity and high competences, she was also able to cooperate with social organizations.

A decision related “only and exclusively to new challenges”

“At the same time, the Defender explains that the decision to dismiss Dr. Hanna Machińska from her current position is related only to the new challenges facing the Office of the Commissioner for Human Rights. Therefore, she tries to adapt the composition and organizational structure of the experts cooperating with her to the changing needs and tasks. This is what all Commissioners have done so far during their terms of office. It should be added that, in accordance with the Act on the Commissioner for Human Rights, the Commissioner for Human Rights can have only three deputies.

Hanna MachinskaAgnieszka Sadowska/Election Agency.pl

“The Defender, together with the entire Office of the Commissioner for Human Rights, expresses deep gratitude to Dr. Hanna Machińska for the great commitment and atmosphere she created in relations with her colleagues. She would like to thank social organizations and street movements for supporting our joint fight for higher standards of human rights and respect for human dignity. It ensures that all current directions of action, forms of assistance to citizens or intervention in crisis situations will be continued. In this respect, we also count on the possibility of further use of the experience and vast expert knowledge of Dr. Hanna Machińska” – we read on end of message.

The whole conversation with Hanna Machińska, who was dismissed from the position of the deputy OmbudsmanTVN24

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