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Happy dances of a young deer. “He’s bursting with energy”

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A young deer jumping around and running happily in the forest was captured by a hidden camera. When the animal spotted the device, it skipped off into the forest. According to the author of the recording, Leśny Kawaler, the scene was not easy to capture, but he managed, and he shared the recording with the editors of Kontakt 24.

The recording was captured by a hidden camera, which was set up in the forest, in the right place, by Forest Bachelor, i.e. Mr Dawid – an animal and nature lover. Due to the safety of animals, however, he does not reveal the location of the recording.

– The video shows a young deer in his favorite place in the forest. This is not an ordinary film, but a very special and difficult to capture scene. Namely, you can see on it how this deer goes crazy and bursts with energy. It jumps up all the time and spins around its own axis.


“I knew that right here he loves to go crazy”

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As the author of the recording explained, the animal is simply happy. – It’s because he’s just enjoying the moment. He is full and spends his time playing. This shows how animals are similar to us – humans. They can just enjoy the moment. It’s enough that it’s warm or they’re just having a good day.

He indicated that he knew where to put the camera. – Of course, I placed the camera in this place not by accident. I knew that this particular deer would appear here, and from observation I knew that it was here that he loved to run wild. I feel very comfortable in this place.

As noticed by Mr. Dawid, at the end of the recording, the deer notices the device left in the forest, and then scurries deep into the forest, as if ashamed of his behavior.

– An additional flavor is the end of the film, when the deer clearly sees the camera and hurried away, as if ashamed of what it had just done. Films with wild animals in the main roles, on the scale of our country, are real gems – he admitted.

Main photo source: Contact 24/Leśny Kawaler

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