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Has Amelia Earhart’s plane finally been found after all these years? “The object has the same dimensions as the object you are searching for

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It is possible that one of the greatest mysteries of the modern world and one of the greatest in the history of aviation will be solved. The heroine of this story is Amelia Earhart, who was ahead of her time. She was one of the biggest stars of her era and an inspiration to generations of American women.

She was mourned by feminists, pilots and travelers. Americans and all who admired her courage mourned. Amelia Earhart was a fearless pioneer. At a time when women were just starting to throw off their corsets – both literal and social ones – she conquered the world, or rather heaven. She is the most famous pilot who was the first woman in history to fly solo over the Atlantic in 1932. – I landed in Ireland without any problems. I taxied to the door of the surprised farmer’s cottage. I received a truly Irish welcome and boarded the plane for London. There I received a truly English welcome, said Amelia Earhart in 1932.

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Five years later, fingers crossed for her again, because Amelia Earhart set off on a flight around the world. She took off from Miami and heading east, she again flew over the Atlantic, over Africa and Asia, until after 40 days of travel she reached Papua New Guinea. The last, most difficult section began there – across the Pacific.

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Unfortunately, Amelia Earhart failed to realize her great dream. – She probably ran out of fuel and tried to land the plane on the water surface as gently as possible. She probably managed to do it and the machine wasn’t damaged, but then it started taking in water anyway. She sank and sank to the bottom. In this place, the sea currents are very gentle. At a depth of 6,000 to 5,000 meters, the pH and temperature of the water make the objects preserve very well, explains Tony Romeo, director of Deep Sea Vision, a former pilot and American intelligence officer.

Preparations for Amelia Earhart’s final flightReuters Archive

A breakthrough discovery

Although the American authorities immediately ordered a rescue operation, and although scientists and enthusiasts from all over the world searched for it for decades, neither the body nor the plane were ever found. Hope has only now appeared.

Earhart's solo flight across the Atlantic

Earhart’s solo flight across the Atlantic14/07 | Driven by ambition and a thirst for adventure, Amelia Earhart crossed the Atlantic again in 1932, but this time alone. After this feat, she reached the heights. President Edgar Hoover invited her to the White House and honored her. She permanently entered the circles of the American social elite. She became friends with Eleanor Roosevelt, wife of President Franklin Roosevelt.Reuters Archive

Scientists from an American private research company claim that they have located the wreck of Amelia’s plane in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, near Howland Island. They searched for him for a year and a half. They analyzed the planned flight route, the amount of fuel burned and weather conditions. They mapped out a likely area and began searching the ocean floor. Using sonar and sound waves, they scanned over 13,000 square meters. And there are many indications that they actually found Amelia’s plane.

– Three elements are important in images received from sonar. Firstly, the plane had two horizontal stabilizers at the rear and they are also visible here in this photo. Secondly, at this point the bottom is completely flat and sandy. Any irregularities on the surface are unusual. Third, the object has the same dimensions as the object we are looking for, explains Tony Romeo.

Earhart's solo flight across the Atlantic

Earhart’s solo flight across the AtlanticReuters Archive

Earhart was famous during her life and became a legend after her death. She fought to realize not only her own dreams – she was a feminist demanding greater rights for women. She had a very modern approach to marriage – she expected complete freedom from her husband.

Scientists want to return to the place where they located the wreck, send a remotely operated vehicle with a camera to the bottom, and in the future, bring the plane to the surface.

Earhart with her husband

Earhart with her husbandReuters Archive

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Main photo source: Harris & Ewing, public domain

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