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Hateful slogans and political manipulations. This is how TVP news services have operated in recent years

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It was worse propaganda than in the times of the Polish People’s Republic. This is not the assessment of TVP made by the current parliamentary majority, but the words of one of the creators of this propaganda, who says himself that he is complicit. Marcin Wolski, who worked at TVP Info, probably knows what he’s talking about.

– Unfortunately, public television has become a place that spreads hatred and attacks particular social groups – says Dominik Kuc from the GrowSPACE Foundation. Over the past eight years, it didn’t take much to become an enemy on public television. All you had to do was stand in the wrong crowd. For years, TVP employees obediently and unscrupulously targeted not only entire groups – as for people with left-wing views – but also specific people – such as Marta Lempart, who headed the Women’s Strike when it was found that her “pregnancy was not threatens.”

Enemy number one. This is how TVP presented Donald TuskTVP

Attack targets

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When Joanna shared her story, a campaign against her began in the PiS media. Instead of information, public television served propaganda in line with PiS interests. – There were plenty of propaganda techniques. It was based on a deep belief that a lie repeated several hundred or many times can become the truth – says Professor Tadeusz Kowalski, media expert and member of the National Broadcasting Council. Similar actions were aimed at immigrants. LGBT people were harassed and disgusted by TVP.

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The former mayor of Gdańsk, Paweł Adamowicz, was attacked during his lifetime, and even his death did not stop the mouths of PiS propagandists. PiS media also revealed what was done to the son of MP Magdalena Filiks. They used the child’s drama for a political attack. The boy committed suicide. – For me it was an organized criminal group that, on political orders, destroyed people, broke lives and destroyed families. I think I’m more interested in holding these people accountable. I am waiting for the moment when these people will appear before independent courts, says Magdalena Filiks from PO.

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