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Hater affair. Łukasz Piebiak, former deputy minister of justice, is to be questioned as a witness. This is the case of judge Waldemar Żurek

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At the beginning of February, Łukasz Piebiak is to be questioned as a witness at the Kielce district prosecutor’s office – Onet reported. The case is related to hateful posts about Krakow judge Waldemar Żurek.

“The February hearing as a witness of Łukasz Piebiak, former deputy minister in Zbigniew Ziobro’s ministry, will be, if not the first, then one of his first meetings in this capacity with investigators. During the PiS government, prosecutors avoided calling him as a witness like the plague, even though he was the main anti-hero of the so-called hate scandal,” Onet wrote. The hearing is scheduled for February 2.

The case of Judge Żurek is one of the elements of the hate scandal that was revealed in 2019. It was about hate comments against a judge from Krakow. One of the people who was supposed to do this was a person using the nickname “MalaEmiEmi”.

As the portal continues, “initially the investigators discontinued the case due to, as they claimed, the failure to detect the perpetrators” “But when they made this decision, probably all of Poland knew that MalaEmi was Emilia Szmydt” – it was added.

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Łukasz PiebiakRafał Guz/PAP

The court ordered the prosecutor’s office to return to the hate scandal

In March 2023, we reported that the District Court of Katowice-Wschód overturned the decision of the Kielce prosecutor’s office and ordered it to re-conduct proceedings in the case of the hate scandal. As Judge Żurek, who filed the report, told TVN24 then, the prosecutor discontinued the proceedings, “writing in his justification that he did not know who Little Emi was.” – For me it was so strange that of course we complained about it – he said.

The court ordered the prosecutor’s office to return to the hate scandal. “We have a person who confesses and shows evidence.”

Judge Żurek submitted a report to the prosecutor’s office even before the so-called hate scandal was revealed in the media.

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Judge Żurek on the decision of the Katowice court regarding the hate scandalTVN24

Hater affair

The case of the so-called hate scandal was described by Onet journalists in August 2019. They then reported that a closed group called “Caste” was to be created on WhatsApp, which would exchange ideas on how to denigrate judges. The then deputy minister of justice, Łukasz Piebiak, who participated in the event, allegedly maintained contact on social media with a woman named Emilia, who allegedly carried out campaigns discrediting some judges who opposed the changes introduced by the government. PIS. This was to be done with Piebiak’s knowledge.

When he resigned from the ministry, he denied any involvement in these activities. He announced that he would defend his good name.

Arkadiusz Cichocki, judge of the District Court in Gliwice and former president of this court appointed by the Minister of Justice and Prosecutor General Zbigniew Ziobro, in January 2022 in an interview with the “Black and white” reporter Marta Gordziewicz shed new light on the “hater scandal”.

SEE THE REPORT “BLACK ON WHITE”: “Caste of the Steadfast”

Soon, another judge, Tomasz Szmydt, also broke his speech. In the report “The caste of the stalwarts”, Marta Gordziewicz reported on the mechanism of collecting hooks against judges who had offended the current government.

Both of Marta Gordziewicz’s interlocutors confirmed that ideas, decisions and orders were transmitted via instant messaging to a larger group called “Caste” aka. “Antykasta”, or more narrowly called “Niezłomni”.

Little Emi’s confession. “Behind the scenes of the hater scandal” – WATCH ON TVN24 GO

However, in September 2022, in the reportage of “Superwizjer” TVN “Mała Emi’s confession. Behind the scenes of the hater scandal”, Emilia Szmydt, called Little Emi, the former wife of judge Tomasz Szmydt, decided to speak on camera about her role in the scandal for the first time. She also emphasized that she had not even been questioned in this matter.

Main photo source: Rafał Guz/PAP

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