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Hazardous waste. The court will decide on the arrest of Jacek B.

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Jacek B., who is charged with leading an organized criminal group involved in dumping hazardous waste throughout Poland, was taken to court for a detention hearing.

Jacek B. reported to the District Prosecutor’s Office in Katowice on Monday around 10 a.m. He was arrested and charged with, among other things, leading an organized criminal group.

On Tuesday, around 11 a.m., Jacek B. was brought to court for a detention hearing. It is classified. The decision is expected to be announced around 2 p.m.

As we read in the arrest warrant issued for Jacek B., he is suspected of “founding and then leading, from January 2018 to January 2020 (…) an organized criminal group aimed at committing crimes against security public protection, environmental protection, property protection and against the credibility of documents.

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Wojciech Bojanowski, reporter of “Fakty” TVN, pointed out that Jacek B. is an important person, about whom he talked about together with Olga Orzechowska and Filip Folczak in the report “Wody Czerwone” published in July. – This is the man who was still wanted at that time, with whom I managed to talk on the phone while he was still hiding. Then he talked about the behind-the-scenes of this business. He also talked about how, in his opinion, there was nothing to be afraid of, he reported. He added that the search for the man lasted 2.5 years.

Wojciech Bojanowski about Jacek B., who reported himself to the prosecutor’s officeTVN24

“Red Waters”

In the report “Red Waters” TVN24 journalists Olga Orzechowska, Filip Folczak and Wojciech Bojanowski showed places in Poland where dangerous substances are illegally stored.

As they determined, the waste includes so-called red water, generated during the production of TNT. Reporters and investigators discovered this waste at several illegal landfills. TNT is produced in Poland by one factory: Nitro-Chem from Bydgoszcz.


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