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He appeared in the Sejm once, more often he was the hero of scandals. Przemysław Czarnecki “He doesn’t really differ from other candidates

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Przemysław Czarnecki, son of MEP Ryszard Czarnecki, will again run for a parliamentary seat on behalf of PiS in the upcoming elections. The party is not bothered by his criminal case, which has been ongoing for three years, or his drunken excesses, or the fact that he has only spoken once in the Sejm in the last four years.

Przemysław Czarnecki was absent from the official presentation of the candidates of the PiS list in Wrocław, although he is running for the Sejm.

The opposition has a strong opinion about the activities of Przemysław Czarnecki so far – or rather about the lack thereof. “Unfortunately, I didn’t hear anything in the Sejm, during any committee or debate,” says Dariusz Klimczak of PSL. – I don’t remember his speeches. Performed? – asks Adrian Zandberg from Raz.

There must be something going on, since even Przemysław Czarnecki’s parliamentary club colleague answers as follows when asked about MP Czarnecki’s parliamentary activity: – On my right sat, among others, MP Marek Wesoły. An excellent deputy minister. I also sat in this part of the Sejm – says Janusz Kowalski from Sovereign Poland.

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However, a seat in the Sejm chamber should not be an obstacle to observing the MP’s speeches, because each of the Sejm benches has a clear view of the rostrum. Although even that couldn’t help much. During his entire term in the parliament, Przemysław Czarnecki took the floor once. Almost four years ago.

Ryszard Czarnecki and Przemysław Czarnecki in the Sejm

Career meanders

Przemysław Czarnecki’s father – PiS MEP Ryszard Czarnecki – assures that his son is highly valued by local government officials. However, he immediately stipulates that he is also an independent political entity. – He doesn’t really like it when his father interferes with his political career. I think that sometimes he even overemphasizes this independence – says Ryszard Czarnecki.

However, Przemysław Czarnecki’s independence was also different. First, Przemysław Czarnecki planned a career in a bank – what his father talked about with the then president of BZWBK Mateusz Morawiecki on the recording from the Sowa i Przyjaciele restaurant.

Morawiecki: Why don’t you talk to him after a beer, because something is wrong here, you know. I remember what you told me two weeks ago.

Czarnecki: Of course he says he would like to earn more money that…

Morawiecki: I still understand this, that he said it. But…

Czarnecki: Do something else. But you know, no, no, no.

Later, Ryszard Czarnecki assured that his son had arranged the internship at the bank on his own.

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"Przemek arranged this internship himself"

“Przemek arranged this internship himself”tvn24

Social scandals

Apparently, however, a career in finance was not destined for him and Przemysław Czarnecki quickly followed in his father’s footsteps. He took up his first mandate as an MP almost a decade ago. With his presence – as he assured – he was to bring a “new quality” to the party. What would she be? This is not known. However, it was definitely not about the events of New Year’s morning in 2019. At that time, in the apartment of the MP and his wife, there was a quarrel with a family friend – his daughter’s godfather, whom Przemysław Czarnecki allegedly wounded him with a knife in the hand. – I didn’t even witness the use of this knife. I don’t even know if anything happened there – explained Przemysław Czarnecki. The situation is slightly different from the prosecutor’s office, which charged the MP with causing bodily injury, which is punishable by up to five years in prison. The criminal trial is still ongoing.

After these events, Przemysław Czarnecki disappeared from the media for almost three more years, only to once again become the hero of the scandal. On October 21, 2022, in the morning, the services received information that a completely drunk man was lying in Warsaw’s Wilanów – it turned out to be Przemysław Czarnecki. He regained consciousness only at the sobering-up center in Warsaw, where his mother picked him up. As a result, Czarnecki was suspended as a party member. However, it did not last long, because – as the opposition explains – when the party’s president struggled with numerous volts of coalition partners or even PiS members, he could always count on Przemysław Czarnecki in parliamentary votes. – Those who have a chance for appanagement get on the PiS list. These are those who are mediocre, faithful and passive – emphasizes Magdalena Biejat from the New Left. – He is not much different (Przemysław Czarnecki – editor’s note) from other PiS candidates. Such as Mejza, Matecki or Bąkiewicz. Therefore, I understand that they maintain the standard. It maintains the norm of the level – evaluates Katarzyna Lubnauer from the Civic Coalition.

Incident at Przemysław Czarnecki's house.  Material from January 3, 2019

Incident at Przemysław Czarnecki’s house. Material from January 3, 2019Fakty TVN

Reply by MP

The editors of TVN24 tried to ask Mr Czarnecki himself about work in the current term of the Sejm and plans for the next one, but he only gave us an answer in the form of an SMS. “I am now on a tour of the district, so I do not really see the possibility of recording the material. As for the “controversy”, I think I am one of the most transparent parliamentarians – which your station also cares about, “- informed Przemysław Czarnecki.

Main photo source: TVN24

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