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He bought abortion pills for his partner and was put on trial. “These people were very unlucky”

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This story clearly shows how important changes in the law are – immediately, without any delay. It’s about the abortion pill. You can be prosecuted for buying it for your wife, fiancée or partner. Just like Mr. Grzegorz.

In real life they are engaged, but in the courtroom they had to sit separately. All because the accused helped his partner. The couple has two children. When it turned out that there was another one on the way, he was happy, but she said she couldn’t do it. She asked him for abortion pills. He understood her and bought pills for her. – There are rare situations when I defend a case in which I am convinced that if I were in Mr. Grzegorz’s place, I would behave exactly the same as him – admits Jerzy Podgórski, the defendant’s attorney.

– People just help each other with abortions. This is nothing new for us. In this case, these people were just very unlucky that someone reported them. This is usually the case – explains pro-abortion activist Justyna Wydrzyńska from the Abortion Dream Team.

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The denunciation fell on the fertile ground of Polish law, which includes a section for assistance in abortion. – It doesn’t actually affect abortion itself, but the people closest to it, i.e. people who help their wives and daughters – emphasizes Dr. Sabrina Mana-Walasek from the Prawniczki Pro Abo group. There are other ways to reduce the number of abortions – such as good education and accessible contraception – and not three years in prison for mothers, friends and husbands who end up in the dock for helping women close to them.

The Civic Coalition and the Left want changes to the abortion lawTVN24

Harmful law

This case is not an isolated case either. – We are currently investigating over a dozen ongoing cases – admits Dr. Sabrina Mana-Walasek. Activist Justyna Wydrzyńska has already been sentenced to eight months of restriction of liberty under the same paragraph – today she is waiting for the date of her appeal.

– I hope that the law decriminalizing the Left may be read by then, that the MPs will vote and the president will sign it – says Justyna Wydrzyńska. The idea that the Left has submitted to the Sejm, and which has not yet been taken up by the other coalition partners, is simple. – Deleting Article 152 from the Penal Code so that aiding and abetting abortion would not be punishable – explains Katarzyna Kotula, Minister for Equality from the New Left. Then there would be no more such cases. – If such changes occurred, there would actually be grounds to acquit Mr. Grzegorz – admits Jerzy Podgórski.

When Mr. Grzegorz was sitting in the defendant’s dock, his fiancée, in order not to harm him, refused to testify.

Main photo source: Katarzyna Górniak/Fakty TVN

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