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He called Donald Tusk “a politician with a Nazi face”. Politicians’ comments on the words of Jacek Bogucki

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Jacek Bogucki calls Donald Tusk “a politician with a Nazi face”, and all this in reference to the Sunday march in Warsaw. There will be a motion to punish the PiS senator. Material of the magazine “Polska i Świat”.

The head of the Senate Civic Platform Club, Marcin Bosacki, said on Tuesday that a group of senators is submitting a motion to punish Senator Jacek Bogucki “for his scandalous statement”. It is about a statement on the air of the regional government television and the statement that opposition politicians “certainly will not exist at the Donald Tuskwho is a ruthless politician with a Nazi face.” These words were said in the context of a conversation about the Sunday march.

For your words, Senator PIS he did not apologize, nor did he for the ones he posted on social media the day before. This is an entry full of profanity, dehumanizing expressions of Donald Tusk. There he is named “roundworm”, “slug”, “pig”, “dung”.

Vladimir Czarzasty reading the entry he was shocked, although he must have heard similar words before. The PiS senator paraphrased “Bluzg”, written in the times of the People’s Republic of Poland, a song that strikes Wojciech Jaruzelskiand years ago interpreted by Emilian Kamiński.

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PiS politicians on Senator Bogucki’s “works”.

Is it then possible to compare Donald Tusk to Wojciech Jaruzelski and Adolf Hitler? the journalists ask. Politicians of the ruling party distance themselves from Senator Bogucki’s “works”, but officially there is no question of any consequences.

– I know various people, including the senator, if you want to say that I should publicly condemn him or be scandalized, then you are wrong – says Tadeusz Cymański from Sovereign Poland. “If someone has said something wrong, they should think about it and apologize.”

– This is Senator Bogucki’s case. It was probably emotional, I don’t support this kind of language, says Bolesław Piecha from PiS.

Jack BoguckiArtur Reszko/PAP

PiS about vulgar incidents

The party’s spokesman fights hate speech, but mainly the one from the last march. – I was disgusted by the language that was present at this march and the consent of those who organized this march, the vulgarity, aggression, hatred – emphasizes Rafał Bochenek.

The rulers treat vulgar incidents or Sunday banners as something common at a demonstration. They formed their opinion about the march even before it started, because one entry by Tomasz Lis was enough, and the reaction in the form of a spot using the Auschwitz camp was immediate.

Now, when there are words of comparison to Hitler, epithets against the opposition politician, and the participants are called “holoelite”, there is no reaction from the party leadership. And all this is said not by an actor, not by a publicist, but by a senator of the ruling party who has been expressing himself in this way for years.

Main photo source: Artur Reszko/PAP

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