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He did not want to be the voice of a generation, but became an idol and a legend. The legacy of Cobain, the founder of “Nirvana”, is multifaceted

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Authentic, honest, artistically uncompromising. Kurt Cobain – the charismatic leader of the band Nirvana – lived a short and intense life. In his lyrics, he touched upon difficult and important topics, and together with the band, he became a precursor of a musical revolt. It has been 30 years since his tragic death.

Idol involuntarily. One of the most expressive icons of the golden era of rock. Kurt Cobain – the leader of the band Nirvana – was at the peak of his fame when the news of his tragic death spread around the world.

Suicide and a farewell letter. Fans still leave flowers at Cobain's house to this day

Cobain's legacy is multifaceted. Its basis is music. Yes, Cobain was a charismatic personality, a star, but we wouldn't look at him this way if it weren't for his passionate and emotional music, says Peterson, a photographer of the Nirvana band. The musician's body was found on April 8, 1994 in his home in Seattle. The investigation showed that he had committed suicide three days earlier. He was 27 years old. He left a farewell letter. – There are lyrics from a Neil Young song that show what Kurt was struggling with when it came to the music industry. It's better to burn out than slowly disappear – comments Maciej Jankowski, music director of “Radio Nowy Świat”.

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Nirvana band5/08/2015 | Nirvana bandWikipedia, press materials

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Fans remember Cobain and lay flowers in front of his house. Juan from Chile also came to Seattle on a special occasion. This is his first visit to the United States. – Nirvana is my favorite band. I grew up with this music. She is incredibly honest. For me, Nirvana, for example, embodies the philosophy of respecting women, being independent and rock'n'roll in general. For me, this is the legacy of Nirvana and Cobain, admits Juan.

“Don't buy my album if you are homophobic or racist”

Mietall Valuś, associated with the bands Negatyw and Lenny Valentino, considers Nirvana's music to be the soundtrack of his youth. His house is decorated with, among other things, a poster announcing a Nirvana concert in Prague. – It was supposed to take place on March 11, 1994, less than a month before Cobain's death. Unfortunately, it didn't take place because Cobain was simply absorbed by such depression – recalls Mietall.

A modest debut for a great band.  30 years ago Nirvana released an album "Bleach"

A modest debut for a great band. 30 years ago Nirvana released the album “Bleach”It was a modest debut for a great band. Exactly 30 years ago, on June 15, 1989, the band Nirvana released their first album “Bleach”. Global success came later, but this date is considered one of the most important not only for Kurt Cobain and his colleagues, but also for the entire musical trend called grunge.Paweł Laskosz | Afternoon indeed

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Cobain was the voice of a generation, a spokesman for minorities, all those rejected on the margins of society. – He was a once-in-a-generation figure. He is the only artist I know who signed his album “don't buy my album if you are homophobic or racist”. Lady Gaga, no matter how much she talks about things, has never included it on an album. Cobain changed the music industry with his honesty and way of thinking. Thanks to him, people can really be themselves, says Charles Cross, music critic and biographer of Cobain. Cobain didn't want to be an idol. He couldn't. He was overwhelmed by the pressure, the media attention, the love of the fans. How much it cost him is illustrated by a photo taken right after the concert, during which the Nirvana leader smashed his guitar. A few minutes later, backstage, he burst into tears.

“It's kind of a miracle that he left us so much of himself.”

– Kurt Cobain at that moment had to give vent to the emotions that were swirling inside him, the demons he was fighting, which were leaking out of him somewhere during concerts because of this grunge energy, because of how he loved doing it – comments Jankowski. Cobain became addicted to drugs and fell into depression. – The passing of such a young man, of course, is a tragedy. But considering how difficult his life was, knowing about his suicide attempts, his drug use, it's kind of a miracle that he left us so much of himself. I treat it as a gift, it may sound strange, but in a sense it is a victory that he lived as long as possible and created amazing works – admits Cobain's biographer.

Speeding Queen and debuting Nirvana.  The year 1989 in music

Speeding Queen and debuting Nirvana. The year 1989 in musicA breakthrough for Poland and heralding changes in Central and Eastern Europe – that was the year 1989. Interesting, however, not only because of its political and social impact. Great music was heard then, legendary bands were born, and timeless albums were premiered.Paweł Laskosz | Facts in the afternoon

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Nirvana was founded in 1987 by Kurt Cobain and Krist Novoselic. The drummers changed. Dave Grohl ended up staying there permanently. It was with this line-up that the group recorded, among others, the album “Nevermind”. It brought her worldwide fame and is considered the most important album of the last decade of the 20th century. It is where such hits as “Smells Like Teen Spirit”, “In Bloom” and “Come As You Are” come from.

Nirvana started a musical revolt

Interestingly, Cobain himself found the sound of “Nevermind” too soft and pop. – That's why his next album, “In Utero”, was very raw, very aggressive, with more songs shouted than sung, and he showed with this album that he didn't want to be commercial in this world – says Mietall.

Nirvana was the precursor of the musical revolt. She blurred the boundaries between commercialism and alternative, paving the way for similar artists to enter the salons. Together with the bands Alice in Chains, Soundgarden and Pearl Jam, she made grunge famous.

– This is the result of many things that were happening in music at that time, especially metal, punk rock and, I think, alternative rock, instrumental rawness and moving, emotional, often very true, heartfelt lyrics – says Jankowski.

Millions of fans around the world identified with grunge bands in the early 1990s. They inspired some to start their own bands. – It was a musical revolution. We wanted something more from life. These bands gave us a breath of freedom and these bands inspired us to play in a band, to be a free person, to be able to do what I do. It made me an independent person and I still create music today, so this trend was important to me – admits Mietall.

An involuntary idol and the last of the icons of the golden era of rock.  It's been 25 years since the death of Kurt Cobain

An involuntary idol and the last of the icons of the golden era of rock. It's been 25 years since the death of Kurt CobainHe didn't want to be the voice of the generation. He became an idol and a legend. Kurt Cobain, leader of the band Nirvana, lived a short and intense life. Together with his friends, he recorded one of the best-selling albums in rock history, “Nevermid”. Friday marks exactly 25 years since his death. Paweł Laskosz | Facts in the afternoon

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Nirvana broke up after Cobain's death. Her drummer Dave Grohl founded the group Foo Fighters, which is still playing today. Soundgarden no longer exists. In 2017, the group's leader Chris Cornell died. After the death of Layne Staley, Alice in Chains performs with a new vocalist.

The only living frontman from the original lineup of the Big Four bands from Seattle is Eddie Vedder of Pearl Jam. The group's 12th studio album will be released on April 19.

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