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He did the first job and got the second. He was already there when his sister called

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He posted an offer to provide passenger transport services on the Internet. He got his first order, he was supposed to pick up important documents. He made them and got another one the next day, but in a different city. He was already there when he realized that he had probably become a courier of crooks.

– A 44-year-old resident of Płońsk placed an advertisement for passenger transport services on the Internet. A man called on his cell phone with an offer of easy money. He was to urgently pick up a package with important documents from an elderly woman and deliver it to a given address in another city. The payment for the course, several hundred zlotys, was placed in an envelope glued to the shipment – communiqué Kinga Drężek-Zmysłowska, a press officer of the Płońsk police, communicates in a communiqué.

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Second order and a call from my sister

The next day, the 44-year-old was contacted again by the same person. This time there was a “package” to be picked up in Płock. When the man was already there, his sister called him, who read in the media information about an elderly woman deceived in Płońsk by the “grandson” method. She lost 40,000 zlotys. The man thought that he could have picked up the money from the old lady and reported himself to the Poviat Police Headquarters in Płońsk.

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Trouble and police supervision

– By unknowingly helping the scammers, he committed the crime himself. He faces six months to eight years in prison. The prosecutor applied a preventive measure to the man in the form of police supervision – adds Kom. Kinga Drężek-Zmysłowska.

The client is still being sought.

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Scammers, to protect themselves, look for random people, offering them quick earnings. In police jargon, this is called pick-up or courier. A person obtained in this way, unaware of the whole procedure, when he realizes that he has helped fraudsters, is usually too late. Be vigilant when looking for a job, posting or browsing advertisements. If you suspect something is wrong, contact the police. This will keep us out of trouble and from being part of a criminal scheme.

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