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“He didn’t know where he was going and where to get off. Contact was difficult”

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The old man had been on the bus for a long time. He looked lost, which is why the driver noticed him. It was he who called the city guards who drove the 91-year-old home. By the way, they remind the relatives of people with memory loss to put pieces of paper with contact details in their pockets.

While patrolling Italy, city guards from the 3rd Regional Department received a report about an elderly man on the 154 bus, which was going towards the terminus at al. Krakowska. A few minutes after 10 p.m. they found the vehicle.

Contact was difficult

“The driver pointed to the senior sitting in the back and informed that he had been driving like this for a long time. The guards approached the man. He did not know where he was going and where to get off. It was difficult to contact him. However, at the request of the officers, the 91-year-old gave them his ID Thanks to this, it was possible to determine the telephone number of his daughter. After contacting the woman, the guards took the 91-year-old home and handed it over to his daughter “- the Warsaw City Guard in a message and reminds that it is a great help for people with memory loss to leave a in the pockets of their clothes, slips of paper with the phone number of their immediate family or carers.

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A completed ICE card is extremely helpfulMunicipal Police

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Prevention of many dangerous situations to which elderly people may be exposed is also providing them with accessories, which may, for example, facilitate the determination of their whereabouts or at least identification in case of finding them by the police or other third parties. You can give an elderly person a watch with a GPS function, make sure that they always have a mobile phone with them or insert a piece of paper with the address and contact number (it is best to sew it into the clothes so that it is not lost or thrown away).

Main photo source: Public Transport Authority

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