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He died 22 years ago. The mummified body of a climber was found

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The body of an American climber who died in 2002 while trying to climb Huascaran Peak in western Peru has been found in the Peruvian Andes. An avalanche killed all three members of the expedition, and the body of one of them has still not been found.

Following a signal from one of the climbers, a police rescue team went to the 6,768-metre-above-sea-level mountain on Monday, where they found the well-preserved body of a man and his climbing equipment.

The body of a man who died in a snow avalanche 22 years ago was mummified thanks to the cold at an altitude of 5,200 metres above sea level, Peruvian police said.

According to the Andina news agency, police found a U.S. driver's license in the name of William Stampel from California in the jacket of the man killed in the avalanche.

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An avalanche killed three people

The tragedy involving Stampel occurred in June 2002, when he and two colleagues tried to reach the summit of Huascaran. All participants of the expedition were killed by an avalanche. Two years after the tragedy, the body of one of the victims was found. The body of the third climber has not yet been found, which – according to the Peruvian police – is made difficult by the terrain full of crevasses where the avalanche fell.

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